A spring base for me equals something light, breathable and radiant. Gone are the days where I am reaching for a full coverage foundation - I much prefer something smoothing and luminous, over flat and matte. Today, I wanted to round up my current favourites for you. I also have my entire foundation collection over on my YouTube channel if you're curious.

Shade: 3 Neutral 

This will give you the most coverage out of the bunch, and is one of my most used foundations when I am wanting a flawless, airbrush finish - something Charlotte does very well. I love how smoothing and plumping this is on the skin, it never looks too caky to dry. The finish is luminous, and you can build it to medium-full coverage.

This one comes in 30 shades, so pretty good. Obviously it is pricey so I do encourage you to try and get shade matched in-store so you don't end up spending nearly £40 on a foundation that won't really work! This is very hydrating, so great if you have dry skin, and it looks super fresh all day long! This is one I have really come to rely on if I am in the office all day. 

Shade: 2-3 Light 

How drugstore foundations are creeping up towards the £15/£20 mark I am not quite sure...but this is the most affordable foundation I have currently, and it's a lovely everyday option. The dropper style applicator is very messy and annoying - I do wish they stuck with a pump, or a squeezy tube, like their other foundations. That aside, I think the coverage you can get with this, and the finish is very everyday friendly and for a tinted serum it packs a punch. I would say you can build this to a light to medium coverage, so definitely more pigmented than your average skin tint. 

Only 9 shades with this one, so really no the best, especially as this is not a super sheer formula. I do find this offers a nice amount of radiance without being super glowy, making it great for a variety of skin types.

Shade: G11

This is very very sheer...I think including it in a 'foundation' roundup may be a stretch, but here we are. If you want something truly skin-like and very light coverage I think this could be a good option. It feels very moisturising and lotion-like. I prefer to use this with my fingers - a brush or sponge will eat the product up and you'll be left wondering where the heck it all went! 

Not the largest shade range for this one either, 12 shades to be exact, but it's SO sheer I think the shades really can stretch across a variety of different skin tones. It's a very breathable formula, great if you want a veil across the skin, something that will smooth and lightly even out any redness. 

Shade: 020

I could definitely go up a shade or two for this one, but I enjoy the formula and how it feels on the skin. This is more hydrating than the L'Oreal Skin Tint (in my opinion) but the coverage is a lot less - a true light coverage. There are a lot of nice hydrating skincare ingredients in here too, such as glycerin and squarlane, making it more of a skincare-makeup hybrid. 

14 shades to chose from, and I find this really helps to blur imperfections and adds a lot of natural luminosity to the skin without being too oily. This has those very fun looking microencapsulated pigment spheres which release the pigment once blended. 

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