Hi, and welcome to my incredibly fuss-free makeup routine for Autumn! The best kind right? I know so many people have been back at school and work, so those mornings don't feel as long as maybe they once did - myself included, I'm back at work now after a long few months and I'm not sure how I managed before! This has, however, made me rediscover some of those makeup products I used to save for the days when I had no time, and no real effort to get ready in the mornings. Feel free to drop your current makeup go-tos in the comments below, I'd love to read through them. 

Glossier Stretch Concealer // We're jumping straight into concealer here - my foundations don't get a look in unfortunately when I'm tight on time, sorry! A creamy, slightly more emollient concealer is what I reach for. This one from Glossier ensures that my skin remains hydrated, whilst covering dark circles and any problem areas around the face. Being a very creamy and blendable formula means that if I do chose to dot it around the face (in a foundation-like fashion) it's not going to appear too heavy or thick on the skin. It's also very easy to apply with your fingers which is a bonus. 

Benefit Gimme Brow // I'm not sure what I did without this little brow gel in my life - did my brows really get any attention before tinted brow gels came on the scene? I think not...I'm happy to report they now do get the attention they deserve, and Gimme Brow is the quickest way to define, shape, and set the brows. It really does do it all. I am lucky that my brows can somewhat stand on their own, but a little helping hand never hurt. The wand is super tiny which makes it easy to coat the brow hairs with minimal mess. 

Nudestix Bondi Bae Matte Stick // It's true, I think bronzer may just be my favourite makeup product - I think it makes such a difference to my skin. Of course, everyone is different, but I love how a bronzer immediately perks up the complexion and can add some healthy tones back into my skin. Cream bronzers are the way to go for me, this one blends really nicely into the skin (I use a contour brush from Real Techniques!) and the colour is the perfect everyday bronze, without coming off orangey. Their products are really made for people on-the-go, hence the stick component, so I do love these! I also feel like cream products can help to add a little more dimension to the face, whereas a powder can sometimes appear more flat. 

L'Oreal Bambi Lash Mascara // If you're looking for a very intense, volumising mascara, this is not it! If you're looking for a lengthening mascara that is going to evenly coat and define the lashes, then this is fab. It's an everyday item for sure, giving off that soft and fluttery vibe. I don't find this smudges on me which is a huge plus - I always seem to get smudging under the lower lash line, or on my brow bone, but this has passed that test! I was a little bit underwhelmed when I first used it as it doesn't do a lot for the lashes compared to the other mascaras I love, however I did actually find that for natural makeup days it was perfect! Just something to note if you're not into the low-key lash look. 

Fresh Sugar Punch Lip Balm // Another Fresh lip balm...will I ever stop going on about these, probably not. They smell great, they're super hydrating, and this mini is just everything I could ever ask for in a lip product. I mean, it's adorable! Punch is a lovely orangey red, they are very sheer, but can also be built up if you want more colour pay off. I love this for Autumn as it does have that slightly warmer hue. It's also a bit different that a pink or nude, so one to check out if you're after a new tinted lip product! Did I mention the mini is super cute?...

* All products in this post were purchased myself.