I feel like my beauty routine has become very streamlined in the new year. I'm a working gal, so I don't have my leisurely mornings to spend a lot of time on my makeup, so products that get the job done fast are what I'm all about. 

That's not to say that when the weekend rolls around I'm not rattling through my makeup collection, spending an hour putting a look together. I still adore the makeup process, but as of late I've had to let that slide a bit. 

A couple of these products I have mentioned on my blog before, and there's a couple of newbies I can't wait to share with you. 

Dewy skin is always my look. I'm never 30cm away from a glowing primer, I adore them. They make all the difference when you're having a more minimal makeup day. 

My favourite at the moment is the Becca Backlight Priming Filter - surprise surprise. I just love the shade, it's the perfect champagne golden colour which adds the most natural, gorgeous glow to your skin. 

I haven't been opting for foundation much lately, so my bare skin needs all the help it can get, and having a beautiful primer in your collection is a huge must-have. 

My brow routine has been the speediest yet. I'm really lazy when it comes to maintaining my brows, they are in a constant state of 'needing to get done'. This means my hairs are really unruly, and the only thing that can tame them is a brow gel. 

Like I've been saying - I need products that can offer great results, in a flash, so a tinted brow gel is where it's at. 

I've been so impressed with my Glossier Boy Brow, it's become a staple in my routine. For fuss-free days, this is all your brows need. It offers a great amount of pigment, whilst simultaneously setting those brow hairs into a much cleaner format. If you haven't given this a go, what are you waiting for?! 

For my eyes, I can't seem to go a day without sweeping some kind of eyeshadow over my lid. I think it's the easiest way to add some definition to the eyes without faffing about with a liner! 

The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is a recent addition to my collection and I'm loving the versatility of all the shades. They have s great range to create so many gorgeous looks. 

My current go-to is a mix of Chopper (fourth shade from the left) and Snakebite (sixth shade from the left) all over the lid. These two shades combined add a gorgeous bronze hue to the eye, for that lovely day-time wearable smokey look. Snakebite on it's own is also gorgeous for more a deeper smokey eye. I've then been using a touch of the black shade, Blackout, as a liner smudged across the upper lash line. 

These kind of looks take seconds to create and always look like you've tried that little bit harder. 

On my cheeks I've been keeping it really simple, and sticking to cream products as I love how they look and wear throughout the day.

The Glossier Cloud Paints are a lovely daily blush option for those of you who just want a simple flush of colour.

Dusk is my favourite as it kind of acts as a 'do it all cheek colour'. It's a deeper pink/nude shade, so it's a great natural shade to compliment any look.

I love the formula, they are very easy to blend, but a little goes a long way. You have been warned!

I always take a tiny bit on my beauty blender, and dab it in for flawless, blended look.

Now, for lips, I have found a new favourite!! Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose!! Ah, it's gorgeous!

I feel like this shade has been missing from my collection for so long, and it's the type of colour I've always lusted over.

As soon as I applied this, I knew straight away it would quickly become one of my all-time favourite shades. It's the perfect mix between a browny nude, and a rich rosy, rusty shade. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's a perfect everyday shade.

I just love those colours you can throw on like a nude, but they add a little bit more colour and a little bit more life to a look.

It's a gorgeous creamy formula as well, not drying in the slightest! If you're a nude lip kind of gal, but want to try something a little bit bolder, this would be a great stepping stone. In my latest Instagram selfie I'm wearing this, so if you want to see it in action my user name is millielouisee_.

So, there's a little run-down of some makeup products I've been wearing a lot over the past month. I'm hoping to do a lot more makeup related posts, but at the moment I'm in such a skincare craze!!