My go-to Etsy shop whenever I need some new jewellery pieces...

I recently had a bit of jewellery sort out and realised that I really needed - ok, wanted - some lovely new bits to add to my everyday stash. I have a nice watch, necklace and one lonely ring which I wear everyday and I felt like it needed a few friends. I went to Etsy as they have so many good independent shops on there with some gorgeous pieces. I came across this one shop however which seemed to tick every box! 

By Lia Jewels is the shop in question and I'm so in love with all her designs! I really wanted some pretty, dainty rings which wouldn't look too much on my fingers but still add a nice touch of gold. The shop is based in Barcelona, Spain, however shipping to the UK only cost around £4, so not too steep for overseas! It took 1 week to arrive which I don't think is too bad either bare in mind it was coming from Spain. I also received a super cute little box with all the pieces inside plus a 10% discount code to use on my next shop! Always handy! 

It's probably worth noting now that this is not a sponsored post! I just really love the bits I picked up and I think they look a lot more pricey than they are so had to share them with you all. 

So, I picked up four beautiful rings, and a gorgeous necklace which reminded me so much of a Missoma one I've been seeing everywhere lately. 

The rings are all gold plated - they come in silver too - as well as the necklace. I use to be a silver jewellery wearer, but now I'm all about the gold tones, I love how they warm the skin. 

The first ring that grabbed my attention was this circle one which is a very minimal design. I wanted a slightly bigger ring which would look a bit more statement and this is perfect. I tend to pop this on my index finger and I adore the way it looks. 

I then wanted something slightly more understated to wear on my middle finger. I found this knot ring which is just stunning. Such a simple design, yet so beautiful. 

I blame Pinterest for the next two...I've been seeing loads of really cute triangle stacking rings with beautiful gem details. I found this really pretty one from By Lia and I can't get over how stunning it is. It has three lovely diamonds which form a little triangle, perfect for stacking! 
Along with that, open rings have also beed on my radar. I found a similar triangle design which looks beautiful paired with the latter. This one does tend to bend a little, due to it not being a closed ring, but it still goes on fine and I doesn't look too out of shape. 

As for the necklace, I can't get enough. It's so gorgeous, dainty and looks great with many different necklines. I really wanted to pick up the Missoma gold fang necklace, but at £105 I couldn't quite bring myself to bite the bullet. The one I have here costs around £20 and it's so similar, I'm over the moon with it. It has little circles hanging from a tiny gold chain and it has many different length options so you can wear it more like a chocker, or a standard necklace. 

I think Etsy have such a lovely selection of jewellery, and this is just one of many shops I found and loved. The prices are very affordable and the pieces are so up my street. Let me know if you've ever ordered from brand and what other jewellery shops you adore as I would love to know.