I've always wanted to try more from NARS, especially their blushes. I'm head over heels for their Laguna Bronzer, so I figured picking up a blush or two would go down a treat. I spent ages looking at swatches online, and in-store, and I really wanted something a bit different and not you classic 'Orgasm'. I found the shade 'Lovejoy' and I absolutely love it...

Nars Lovejoy is not your standard run of the mill shade. I have a tonne of pink and peach toned blushes in my collection so I wanted something which was a but different, a tad warmer and something that would look super pretty in the colder months. I would describe this as a rusty gold shade, it's got a slightly peachy undertone but it's almost that brick red/orange shade. Do you think I could describe it using any more colours?... In the pan this looks very dark and could definitely put a few people off, me included, but going on this unique blush endeavour I wanted to swatch everything I could. 

This is very similar to Benefit Dallas, if you've ever tried that, it has those brown hues to it that you can easily warm up the face with. Although this is a bit darker, I wouldn't replace my bronzer with it as it's a bit too on the warm orangey side for that, but on it's own it looks beautiful. 

The formula of NARS blushes are so lovely, they're very blendable and buttery and don't take off or blend away the makeup underneath. I'm definitely going to head back to NARS to pick up a few more of these blushes, they're all gorgeous and I love the shades they do. Please leave your recommendations below of you've tried any for yourself.