Baking and buying presents are two things I love to do around the festive period, and the former is definitely something I wish I did more of. I wanted to round up a few recipes I've seen and am dying to try out, so hopefully this will inspire you to get in the kitchen too this Christmas...

This seems like such a fun recipe to try! I love to dress
  up my hot chocolates so I'm super happy I found this
  recipe on Sugar and Charm's blog. I can imagine
  making these in the evening and being snuggled up
  watching a festive film. 

  You actually don't need as much ingredients as I would have thought to make marshmallows, so I would definitely recommend trying out this one for yourselves too! 


Any excuse to make up some cookies and I'm there! These ones look absolutely lovely so I had to feature them for you today. 

I think making these alongside some really fun and festive themed sugar cookies would keep everybody happy over Christmas. They look like the perfect sophisticated treat at the end of the day. I'm really excited to give these a go! 


  If your vegan, or want something slightly more healthy
       to indulge in Christmas morning then this is the
          recipe for you. I love gingerbread so I feel I need to give this one a go this year! 

    You can also switch up the vegan ingredients for things
   you may already have in your cupboard so it's a super
     versatile option, and I love to play around with
   toppings when it comes to french toast. 



This is another gingerbread recipe and one you can also 
enjoy in the mornings, or if you're like me, any time of day! 
I'm going to have a crack at this sometime during the week 
so I can have a festive breakfast in the run up to Christmas. 

Granola is a fab thing to have around as it's such an easy 
and filling breakfast. 


      I love chocolate and orange, the combination is so nice a festive in my opinion. When Anna uploaded this recipe I was in heaven, and that was just after reading the title! 

  You can never go wrong with a good festive cookie and I can't wait to try these.