I can sometimes struggle with my motivation and productivity levels, especially in the summer when it's warm outside and the last thing you want to do is work. Writing this post now, after working all week, I'm definitely flagging and need to take my own advice and get to it because these posts don't upload themselves! I thought I would give you a little run through of the things I like to do to help me through a working day. 

Keep inspiration all around you//
If you're a blogger, I always find it helps so much for flick through a few of your favourite blogs in the morning to inspire you and get you in the blogging mood, Bloglovin' is the perfect website for this as the blogs you love are all in the same place! In addition to this, keeping magazines, books, recipe books, pictures and quotes around your work space can help motivate you and inspire you to push yourself and think up new and creative content. This can be applied to any kind of work, and I find it works great as they act as a visual reminder of what you may want to achieve. 

Stay healthy and hydrated//
If you load your body up with bad fats and sugars, you'll start to feel really lethargic halfway though the day, and all you'll want to do is lay down and nap. There's nothing wrong with a nap every now and then, but when you have shiz to do, staying awake is always helpful. Another bonus tip there for you! By always having a glass of water on your desk, and having healthy, yet, fulfilling meals, you'll feel a lot more energised and ready to face the day. I always aim for 6-8 glasses of water a day. 

Always keep in mind your end goal//
No matter how big or small the task, having a clear image of the end result in your mind can really help you push through. With me and blogging, I always write myself a list of products I want to mention and points I want to cover and I'm not satisfied until everything has been written about. Also the feedback and comments I get from my followers make me super exited to upload a new post. This can also be applied to fitness, if you feel in a slump and don't want to work out, think of where you want to be in a months time. 

Write a list//
I may sound sad, but I do love a good list. There's no better feeling than ticking off your tasks as you go so you can see how much progress your making. I also find them so super helpful if you feel you have loads to do, once you write it out, it may not be as much as you think, and you can get cracking with a clear headspace. If there's an excuse to write a list, I'll write one! I love writing them in a notepad, I just feel a lot more satisfied once I start ticking them off, but I also keep a couple in my phone for when I'm on-the-go. They are great for organising your day and making sure you don't miss any important tasks. 

A change of scenery//
If you're tired of working at your desk all the time, take it outside, to to your local coffee shop. The buzz and atmosphere of other people around you can be really inspiring and you'll be surprised how much you can get done and the ideas you have conjure up, just by chaining your location. If you work in an office environment and bringing your work outside is physically impossible, try taking a walk, or having lunch outside as oppose to the cafeteria down the hall. 

Tidy space, tidy mind//
A classic quote I try to apply to my daily life, it sometimes happens, it sometimes doesn't, we aren't all perfect. If you keep your workspace tidy, I guarantee you'll feel a lot happier about sitting down to work, and you'll feel more organised and put together. Even if in reality you've already had 50 cups of coffee and put your shirt on the wrong way round when you were getting changed this morning, a tidy desk should make you feel better about the whole situation and stand you in good stead for the productive work day ahead.