My everyday makeup has really changed this summer, I've ditched the liquid liner, and medium coverage bases just aren't doing it for me, I've been all about that au natural look. I've always been a fan of dewy skin, and lately I've found that less is definitely more when it comes to achieving a fresh look. Maybe it's the warm weather? Who am I kidding? It's been raining non stop in the UK...

For my base, as I said, less is more, and I find anything more than a light coverage foundation/tinted moisturiser type product isn't sitting right on my skin and looks way to heavy. It's so strange how you skin can go through phases of making your makeup look good, to, absolutely hating it...The L'Oreal Cushion Foundation has been all kinds of magical for me and I'm obsessed!! It's such a lightweight formula which you can easily build if you want a more flawless, covered finish. I use a buffing brush to blend it in, and it never looks cakey or like I'm wearing foundation. It's great if your skin just needs a touch of evening out.

For my cheeks I've been loving adding a natural flush of pink to brighten the face. I've been reaching for the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface for this and the bright fuchsia is so pretty on the cheeks. You don't need a lot of this to give the skin a natural flush of pink. The formula of these are so great and they don't fade throughout the day which can be the case with some powder blushes. If you're in the UK you can purchase Tarte on QVC which is so so good, yay!

Since the new Benefit brow launch, I can't get enough of their Goof Proof Brow Pencil. The nib on this is really easy to work with and makes filling in your brows simple and quick. It's more of a triangular shape, as oppose to a thin nib, which I much prefer. The whole range is super exiting, but this is definitely my favourite out of their new products. They've also made changes to the shade range, by bringing out a few new ones, so theres a colour for everyone. 

On my eyes, I've been reaching for a brown pencil over my black liquid liner...I'm not sure what's happened to me...but I've been loving the more naturally defined look! I've currently been using the Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in the shade 19L which is chestnut brown shade. This is a waterproof pencil so it works great on the waterline and it's the most creamy pencil liner I have ever tired, it's gorgeous! I will just run this along my upper and lower waterline and it gives a lovely subtle feline look to the eyes. I have hazel eyes, so browns really help to compliment them.

I've just done a whole post on this lipstick, and I'm still loving it! I don't normally fall in love with nudes, but the Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect lipstick is one I'm definitely on board with. It's a matte, which again I don't normally reach for when it comes to nudes, but the pink-y beige shade is really complimentary and not too far off my natural lip, so it looks lovely. I would repurchase this on the packaging alone...well done Tilbs.