Concealing - especially my under eyes - is a task I find challenging, 1. Because I have dry under eyes and 2. Because my dark circles are notoriously dark. This basically means piling on my concealer to counteract dark circles, means it won't sit right on my skin, and I could never win, until now. I've been trying out many different concealing techniques to help cover up bags and redness, but make it look natural at the same time. If you suffer with dry and dehydrated skin, especially under the eyes, I hope this is helpful in some way.

First step would be to make sure you've used a good moisturiser and eye cream beforehand. I find leaving my skincare products to sink in for around 10 minutes is really good as it means my makeup won't slip around on top and the products have been given a few minutes to get to work. For eye creams I would recommend a cooling gel or a lightweight cream to help de puff eyes and add some moisture before we crack on with the concealing. My favourites are the Origins Ginzing eye cream and the Clinique All About Eyes.

The first concealer I reach for is one of those heavy duty correctors to get rid of the blue tones under my eyes. I've been using my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Kit for this and I love it. To counteract the blue tones under your eyes you want to go for a concealer which is peach in tone. I simply use my finger for this as I find it easiest to warm up the product and it blends a lot better. After you've applied this you'll find that it will have done most of the work, but I still like do a few extra steps.
Here is where I would apply my foundation. You can use a brush, beauty blender or your fingers for this, but make sure your patting the product around the eye area, as swiping will erase all the work we've just done. I find this helps to lock the corrector in place and gives us a nice base for any extra concealing.

Finally I will use the creamiest concealer I can find, lately it's been the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer which I've detected a whole post to so I'll link that here! This is where I used to find things got a bit messy for me, no matter how creamy the concealer, I would never be happy with the way it sat under my eyes. Since experimenting, I find the best way is to use your fingers and work in small layers. I will use my finger to get a small amount of the product off the wand (as oppose to using it straight from the tube) then simply dab it under my eyes. I will blend in a triangle shape to brighten and lift the area, and find this method really blends the product in and makes it look super natural. I will repeat this 1 or 2 times until I'm satisfied with the coverage. If you do have dry skin it's really important to use a creamy concealer so it doesn't cake under the eyes, Nars do a great one too!

Lastly you want to set in all in place with a translucent powder to make sure it's not going anywhere!