Summer is the time to crack out those bright nail polishes and potentially buy a couple of new shades to rock. I really felt like there were a couple of nail colours I needed in my collection and I'm happy I picked up some that fit in nicely and will satisfy my nail needs for now. 

I headed over to Maybelline counter as I was keen to try out their Superstay Gel Colour range which I've heard such great things about. The shade range is really lovely and I have to say it was rather hard not to buy every single one, but I walked away with two, sigh. I picked up the two shades, Uptown Blue and Red Hot Getaway. The latter is a lovely coral pink shade which funnily enough I don't think I have in my collection. This is part of their Summer Bliss line so may not be around forever therefore you have to check it out now while you can. It's more pink than some other corals, but I think this is more classy. Uptown Blue on the other hand is in their permeant line and one I'm very happy I picked up. It's a light baby blue, but not too pastel or off white, perfect in my opinion. The brushes on these are great and super easy to achieve an even coat in only a couple of swipes. The lasting power is also fab as you expect from the name, not having to paint your nails for a week? I'm in!