There are a couple steps in my routine which if I skip I can see a noticeable difference at the end of the day. I chop and change what products I use daily, whether I skip foundation or want to have a wicked (well, maybe not so wicked) smokey eye, there's a couple of things that help my makeup look that little bit better which I can't live without, no matter what the makeup situation.

Prepping the skin is a huge part of my routine, and one I feel like I've been banging on about a lot lately. Since getting back into primers and so on, I now can't go a day without them and rather dislike the way my makeup looks after a few hours if I've skipped this step. The same goes for skin perfecters, and I'm a sucker for anything that makes your skin look decent pre makeup, which is why I tend to use them daily. The Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (£29.00, 50ml)  is one of my favourite products to use before foundation. If I'm going heavy on the base or not, this beauty gem makes whatever I'm using next sit and look better. A must have in my eyes.

Curling your eyelashes is another step I do without thinking. Investing in a good pair of lash curlers will change the way your lashes look and make your eyes look more awake from the word go. I actually use the ones from No7 (£8.00) and really like them. Having a good waterproof mascara lying around will help keep your lashes curled all day, so something to bare in mind if you're using a regular mascara formula. Even on no makeup days I still reach for them, as they open the eyes and make them look bigger, which makes a key difference but with zero effort and just one handy tool.