Spring and summer are definitely the seasons where I go a bit blush crazy. I love a coral blush and coral lip or pink cheek and lip ect ect. Cream formulas are definitely my favourite for this kind of year, but I have some powders too incase creams aren't really your thing.

I love corals and when it starts hotting up I instantly get very excited as it means I can crack out all my favourite shades. A cream I love is the Bobbi Brown Lip and Cheek in Cabo Coral. This isn't a cream to powder formula, nor is it super tacky, it sits somewhere in the middle. The pigmentation is great, it lasts well, it's easy to blend and the colour itself if really beautiful. I find this kind of coral shade looks great with a tan, or paired with a bronzy look. My next coral pick is more on the shimmery side of things. The Laura Mercier Blush in Lush Nectarine is such a stunner and one I love and will always go back to. It seems like it would be very shimmery from the way it looks in the pan, but actually it doesn't show up as blocks of shimmer, instead gives you a healthy glow-y sheen to the skin which I think is very flattering. I don't feel like I need to go in with a highlighter after applying this as it kind of doubles up as both.

The next three are all some sort of pink shade, another colour I think looks lovely for this time of year. Lets get the cream one out of the way first. This one is a bit tackier than the Bobbi Brown, but does last a bit longer. Stila's Gerbera Colour Convertible is a light pink shade which can also be used on the lips, same for the Bobbi Brown if I didn't mention that earlier. I really love this in the summer. It's a nice shade to build on so if you want a subtle flush you can achieve that, but if you want something more prominent then that can be done too.
A blush I had to mention is my new fav, the MAX Factor Cream Puff Blush in Lovely Pink, and it really is a lovely pink. These are great if you want to add some glow and shimmer but without the need to highlight or look like a disco ball. The sheen they give is very natural and pretty, the shade range is also lovely. I think MAX Factor have done very well with these. And last but not least, the brightest of the bunch, the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface. This really is a bight pink in the pan and you do have to have a light hand when applying it. This looks so stunning with minimal makeup and can really perk up the skin. It also contains a little bit of shimmer, but not too much so don't be alarmed. If you build this up too much you may look slightly clown like - I can talk from experience - but a light flush, and you'll be good to go.