I feel like brushes and tools are just as important as the makeup itself, and without them I feel the application just isn't as good. Since last year I've been paying a lot more attention to the brushes I've been using and loving and thought I would share two with you today.

The first is a handy dandy brow tool. The Anastasia #12 Synthetic Duo Brow Brush (£15.00) has a great spooley on one end and a nicely sized angled brush on the other. As you can see the spooley does collect a lot of product if you use it after you've applied your shadow or pencil to your brows which can be annoying but I think its so handy to have I can get over that. The brush itself is synthetic and very good quality. I find I can get good, precise strokes with this and I love using it with a powder product. Once I've done filling in, I'll go back in with my spooley to further shape and blend the shadow, making it more natural. This is a must have for making brows a breeze.

Unfortunately this one is a Sephora brush which I know us UK gals can't get hold of so easily, so my apologies for that. However, if you can pop into a sephora I would recommend wandering over the brush section and checking out their #50 Must Have Angled Blush Brush ($28.00). This is my perfect pick for applying blush. Its a great size, shape, picks up a good amount of product and disperses and blends it evenly and it's soft. You could also use this for contouring as its a good fit for under the cheekbones, or for highlighter which I sometimes do to.

Next on the list to try are definitely the new Real Techniques Bold Metals which I have yet to test out! If you have any other brush recommendations please leave them below as I would love to read through and know what others to try.