Over the winter I fell in love with these two shades from Essie. The muted pastel blues are very whimsical in my eyes and they are such pretty colours and a bit different from your typical winterly dark, burgundy shades.

The first is Who Is The Boss (£10.95, 15ml) which is a beautiful, blue-y green, almost like a duck egg blue, which is my favourite colour so no wonder I love this so much! Two coats of this and you can achieve a nice opaque look and with a good top coat, it can last a good 5 days.

Moving on to the second shade, Find Me In Oasis, which is a lot lighter then Who Is The Boss. It's an off white shade with a hint of lilac and blue. This is such a lovely nail polish and it makes your hands look a bit more tanned..always handy in the winter!