I'm constantly chopping and changing the products I wear on my face, for me, its all about the mood I'm in. There are some days when I want a lighter base and a peach blush, and others where I want to go all out and use a full coverage foundation and stroll out like a brass band with the bronzer.
With that being said I have found a few products that seem to have every base covered - no pun intended - and with the exception of blush, these haven't changed much over the last couple of weeks.

Using a primer first is something I have started doing and I love the way it makes the rest of my makeup sit and look. Recently I have been obsessed with the Dior Glow Maximiser Light Boosting Primer (£25.65, 30ml). I will either mix a pump of this in with my foundation, to give a more lightweight effect, or use a layer beforehand. It gives such a nice rosy glow to skin and I have a feeling this is going to be well loved in the spring and summer too!
As for foundation I have been using something I got last year and have only just got back into, it's the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation ($38.00, 1.7oz). This is quite a strange texture, one I haven't come across before. It's almost like a thick mousse-y cream which does blend nicely. Its high coverage, however during the day, adding a pump of the Dior primer knocks the coverage down a peg a two and makes it lovely and wearable for the day. You can pick this up on QVC too, and it comes with a handy little brush.

Not much has changed in the concealer department and I'm still, like always, using my Origins Plantscription Concealer (£15.30, currently on sale in Debenhams!). I have just purchased a new tube of this which excites me greatly. This is such a lovely formula for under the eyes and around the face. It's not drying which is great, and the coverage is also good. If you have any other concealer recommendations please leave them below so I can attempt to branch out! Not making any promises though...

Blush is always changing in my routine and really depends on the overall look I'm doing and whether it will go with the lipstick, blah blah blah. But for the sake of this post, one I have been loving and use most days when a nude lip is on the cards is the Tarte Dollface Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush ($26.00). These come in a tonne of different shades, Dollface is a true pink, fuchsia matte shade which I love and adds a nice bit of colour if you're keeping the rest of the face natural.