Friday, October 27, 2017
5 Autumn Makeup Picks.

5 Autumn Makeup Picks.

As Autumn finally starts settling in, we're greeted with gloomy mornings, falling leaves, and of course a little makeup switch-a-roo! Autumn remains my favourite season ever, even though waking up when it's pitched black makes it super hard to get out of bed! Although, the cosy sweaters, hot drinks, and berry lips make up for that - kind of... 
Due to the darker mornings, getting ready (more specifically, putting on makeup) can be challenging, so I've streamlined my products so I can apply them quickly, and without worrying too much about the application process! Granted, a little touch-up in my car once I get to work doesn't go a miss, but on the whole, I'm loving these bits! So let's get into it shall we...

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - Surreal Light
Hourglass is a stunning brand, no doubt about that, and the one things I think they do really well are palettes! They can be pricey, but the pans inside, and the overall packaging really lives up to that high expense, plus it's a great way to try a few bits in one! This is a great palette for all your face needs. It contains a powder, bronzer, two blushes, and a highlight. The blushes I love to mix together as they create a lovely natural flush to the face. I love the formula of their powder products, I mean, they're pretty infamous! 

Glossier Boy Brow 
Okay, so I feel as though now Glossier has reached the UK it's become a very controversial brand. A lot of talk about whether the products are actually worth it, or if they have just paid bloggers and arm and a leg to feature them! In my opinion, they've done the whole digital marketing/pr thing very well, and that definitely shows as they have been such a talked about brand! Any who, onto Boy Brow! This is a really lovely brow gel, I love to use this once I've run a bit of powder through my brows. It helps to keep them in place all day and I never get any crusty bits! 

NARS Kalahari Eye Duo
This is my first dip into the world of NARS eyeshadows, and it's a goodun' I have to say! The bronzy taupe shade on the left has the perfect amount of shimmer in it to make the eyes really stand out, but it a wearable way! Then the shade on the right works perfectly in the crease and lower lash line, just to amp it up a bit! These are really blendable and a great little duo for everyday. 

Glossier Balm Dot Com
Because lip balm is an essential in the colder months...but seriously, I'm a bit of a lip balm whore, I never like to stick to just one. Seeing as I have three of these little balms, it seems to be the one I reach for most. It's a very simple balm, no fuss, no frills, just a standard jelly type formula. This isn't just to be used exclusively on the lips either, it's one of those multi-purpose thingys, so a great handbag staple! 

Illamasqua Minx Lipstick
This is always the first lipstick that I reach for in the fall, the shade is just dreamy! It's a gorgeous rich, berry pink shade which has the perfect amount of depth to it. Great for autumn, without being to vampy. You catch ma drift? It's a matte formula as well, so will last a good few hours without any touch ups. If you haven't checked out Illamasqua lipsticks, do, I think they're fab. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Sunday Riley's Luna Oil.

Sunday Riley's Luna Oil.

Lately I have been beyond obsessed with skincare, and trying new brands and products always excites me. I've always adored creating my skincare routines with products my skin loves, but have been put off at the same time to try anything new, just incase my skin doesn't agree. Blogging about beauty does mean that I feel somewhat obliged to branch out and let you guys know if certain products are worth the hype, or high price tag, or in this case, both! 

I'm sure you're all familiar with the Sunday Riley Luna Oil by now, whether you have tried it or not. Everyone and their mother seems to be head over heels for this oil, so of course, I had to give it a go myself. I find it hard to stray from my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil, as many of you may know, but I do make the odd exception if something sounds amazing. At £85, I almost cried handing my card over, but I know that oils last for ages and give incredible results so I can kind of justify it (not really, it's still hella pricey!). 

Oils are traditionally used as a final step in your skincare routine and can be massaged in right before bed to get to work overnight. It is a very interesting shade of blue, very cool but scary at the same time! Don't worry it doesn't turn your skin blue, but it does initially apply some of that pigment but it won't stick around once you press it in.

This is definitely more of a treatment oil, so it will provide your skin which much more that just hydration. I do find that investing in some sort of oil is key when compiling your evening (or morning) skincare routine, as you can get benefits you simply can't with a basic cleanser or moisturiser. 

This oil is all about Retinol, pretty much the only skincare ingredient which is proven to help out with fine lines and wrinkles. I'm 21, so not quite there yet with the anti-agening products, but the other benefits of this means it's not going to waste and I can still get results. Some of the other claims are to rejuvenate tired skin, refine the appearance of pores and help the skins overall elasticity...sign me up! 

I've been using this for about a month, and I think the biggest difference I have seen has been my pores. I'm not sure why, but over the past 6 months, my pores have been a real issue for me. They always seem to be clogged, no matter how many times I cleanse and use clay masks. Since using this, my nose and chin has been so much clearer and I get so many less blackheads - thank the lord. 

I'll get back to you in a 10 years and let you know how the ageing prevention properties are going, but so far the main differences has been the texture and overall complexion of my skins surface. I'm impressed, I must say. Will I repurchase though...hmmm...depends how long it lasts I think! 

Have you tried any Sunday Riley products, or they Luna Oil? I'd love to know your thoughts, and any of her other products you love!
Wednesday, October 04, 2017
The Best Drugstore Nail Polishes I've Ever Tried.

The Best Drugstore Nail Polishes I've Ever Tried.

Whenever I would wander the isles of Boots looking for nail polish, Essie was my go-to - anyone else? Even though it didn't last super super well on me, I'd say a few days, the colour selection was on-point and they applied beautifully. However, making the rounds on various online blogs and Instagrams were the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, so I bought a few, and here's what I thought...

The Shade Selection
It's not the biggest shade range ever, compared to brands such as Essie and OPI it does seem limited, but the shades they do have are very lovely. They have around 40-50 shades, which okay does sound like a lot, but if your Boots is anything like mine it won't have the entire selection. They have everything from nudes, reds, pinks, and few other fun colours in there too. I'm a neutral girl through and through so I picked up the shades Plush Blush, Birthday Suit, Mauve-olous, and red shade called Redgy to mix things up - oo how wild.

Pink Blush
This is the most sheer out of the four I have, but I always find with pale pink shades like this they tend to need 3 coats. I really like pale shades like this for everyday wear as they just make your nails look very groomed and classy. This one has a slight pearlescent sheen to it, so it's not flat looking on the nails, something I do like with pale shades. 

Birthday Suit
This is your classic nude, not much to say. I do find nude nail polishes like nude lipsticks, you have to play around and see which tones and finishes suit you. I find I prefer to use creamy beige shades with a bit of shimmer to them, and that's exactly what Birthday Suit is. It's a very subtle shade, as you can imagine, but I love that look. 

This is a really nice bold-nude shade, if that makes sense? It's not a super bright, in your face shade, but it is more detectable on the nails than the previous two I've mentioned. This is probably going to be my go-to over the Autumn as I love the deep rosy mauve shade, it's a gorgeous colour. 

I had to pick up a red, purely because I think three nudes is enough - until I go back next week and pick up three more...I loved wearing this one over the summer, it's a lovely coral red shade. I tend to wear this on my toes as I love how bright it is, and I always opt for a brighter polish on my toes! If you love red nails I think this would be right up your street! 

The Formula
I have completely fallen for the formula of these, I think they're beautiful. As the name would suggest, they are meant to mimic a gel manicure for half the price and half the effort. Do I think they give you salon finish results, no, but do I think they give the best finish and last longer than any other drugstore polish I have tried, yes yes yes! Out of the four, Mauve-olous lasts the best on me for some reason, I can get a good 7 days with this and it does still manage to look presentable for that time. It's a pretty groundbreaking formula for the price I must say. These retail for £9.99 so not too shabby. Apart from Pink Blush, you can easily get away with 2 coats of these polishes and they go on very smoothly and the brush makes it super easy to coat the entire nail. Something to note, I don't have the Gel Top Coat, which is part of the line, I simply use whichever one I have at home and that does the trick. 

Please let me know if you have ever tried these and the shades you love! I'm also very intrigued by the top coat and if that does make a difference or not, so if you have that and use the two together, do let me know your thoughts! Also, please let me know your favourite nail polish brand, or range, down below as I'm currently can't stop buying them!!