Friday, September 30, 2016
Tarte In Bloom Palette.

Tarte In Bloom Palette.

I love Tarte, their products are always so lovely and wearable and I've never been disappointed with the quality or longevity of the bits I've tried. The first time I saw their In Bloom palette I knew it had to be mine, all the shades are so beautiful and there's not one I wouldn't use, which is something I love in a palette, especially one of 12 shades. I could photograph this palette all day, the gold packaging inside is so stunning, and the purple casing is very fun and girly, one of the reasons why I wanted to dedicate a whole post to this! As you can tell, I'm pretty obsessed with this so lets get into the run down of the shades and some more of my thoughts...

Charmer - matte cream: This is the perfect brow highlight shade and a great base if you want to even out the lid. It's matte, which I prefer on the brow bone as it's more subtle but still does a lovely job at lifting and defining the brows. It's not chalky and blends really well.

Flower Child - matte nude: If you have a darker skin tone this would work really well as brow bone highlight or over the lid, as it's a gorgeous peachy nude shade, which is again matte. I love to use this as a base all over the eye as it's not too dissimilar from my skin tone so it helps to even out the lid.

Funny Girl - shimmery champagne: This is a bit too packed full of glitter for my liking! The shade itself is so perfect and would look stunning as a lid colour. I find if I use a standard flat eyeshadow brush with this I mainly get chunks of glitter as opposed to an even layer of colour. There are other shimmer shades in this palette which are 10x better, so I'm quite disappointed with this shade.

Jetsetter - matte warm taupe-y brown: This is such a gorgeous transition shade, this warm brown really creates a lovely starting point for your crease, and even alone it adds a really nice amount of definition. The texture of this is so buttery and not patchy at all.

Smarty Pants - matte tan: This is, again, another great one for in the crease. It's not as pigmented as Jetsetter, and the shade is a bit lighter, so I would recommend this more for those of you who have a pale complexion.

Sweetheart - matte dusky pink: I haven't used this colour yet as it's a touch too pink for me. It's a warm peachy pink shade which I do think would look beautiful on the eye lids! Maybe next valentines day I'll try this one out...

Rocker - shimmery taupe: Shimmery taupes are my favourites to wear on the lid, they are so beautiful and this one is very buttery and gorgeous to blend. It lasts well on the lids too, along with the rest of the shades. On the eyes, this gives off more a sheen than a full on shimmer, but I love that!

Firecracker - shimmery golden bronze: This is another one I love to wear on the lids, it's such a gorgeous, almost copper, shade. It's gives off a bit more shimmer than Rocker, but with this particular shade I love more shimmer, it gives off such a pretty bronze goddess look.

Rebel - matte warm brown: This palette is not short of matte browns, which is great, as it makes it super versatile and flattering for all skin tones. This one is a very nice warm, orangey brown. It works great in the crease, but it's darker than the previous two browns I've spoken about.

Smokeshow - matte black brown: This is the darkest shade in the palette, and it's a lovely deep brown, perfect to use in replace of a liner! The pigmentation is great and it's a beautiful smokey shade.

Activist - matte dark brown: This is my favourite shade for smoking out the lower lash line, very similar to Smokeshow, but less black. The pigmentation again is great! I've heard a few people say that these shades can be a bit patchy and the pigmentation isn't a intense as they would like. I personally don't find that at all, especially with these darker shades!

Leader - matte red brown: I love this shade so much, it's one of my favourites. It's a very warm, red toned brown which adds such a nice tone to the eyes. This is another one which works great as a liner and on the lower lash line!

Overall, I adore this palette. There's so many looks you can do, whether that be with matte or shimmer shades, there is something for everyone. The quality is really good, pigmented and blend well.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
How To Make Your University Room Your Own.

How To Make Your University Room Your Own.

I've settled in for my third year at University and decorating my room is by far one of the most exiting aspects of heading back. I love to buy little plants and soft furnishing to make a bland room look and feel more like my own space. There are so many things you can buy and use to incorporate your own style into a room, but here are a few of my own tips which hopefully you can draw some inspiration from...

Great for purifying to air and adding some lovely greenery or pops of colour to the room! Obviously you can't go to B&Q pick up your favourite pink paint and have at it with the dull cream walls, so why not pick up some pretty flowers instead? I am a huge lover of cacti and I recently picked up these super cute mini ones from Urban Outfitters - have you ever seen something so cute and small in your life. These were £3 each and paired with a terrarium, or a few other larger cacti, can really create a cool vibe. They are also really nice at filling any spaces on top of a chest of drawers or bedside table. If you don't want the upkeep of a bouquet of pretty flowers, cacti and succulents are pretty student proof as they require minimal watering! Or you can just opt for some fake flowers...Ikea do some great ones!

Soft Furnishings
Cushions, although not necessary, every women needs at least 20 on her bed. You can really play around with colours and different textures to create a really cute feminine space, or maybe something more minimal, cushions are great at making a space feel more like home. I think H&M home is a great place for cushions, and although you have to buy the covers and the actual pillows separately, they still work out at a cheap price. If you do have a slightly larger budget, Oliver Bonus and West Elm are places I would recommend looking into. I think the brighter you go, the better, and don't be afraid to clash prints and colours as this can still end up looking super cool and fun! Another tip, would be to opt for white bedding, then you have no colour restrictions and it keeps the room looking clean and simple, if that's what you like.

Pictures and prints
Everyone I know here at uni has endless pictures of them with their friends and family and it's a great way to incorporate a little bit of home into your room. I love to print mine out online in a polaroid style, there are loads of websites online which do this, they look really trendy and are perfect for pinning on a pin bored along with that important list of deadlines...If you have a select few that you want to put in frame, go for it, I love to add a few picture frames around my room, as again they can add some colour and jazz up a space. Prints are also so fun to play around with. And I know you can't put tonnes of nails in the wall, so I would always say to stand then against the wall on top of a surface so you can layer them too and experiment with different sizes. If there's a print you love and have seen on Pinterest, print it off and stick it in a cute frame to save money!

I don't mean your University books here people...I'm talking recipe books, coffee table books and things you can stack which will look pretty! As a student I do have my fair share of recipe books which I love to use for decoration more than anything else! These days all kinds of cooking books are made with such aesthetic it seems a shame to shove them in a drawer in the kitchen. If you wanted some different lifestyle type books, Urban Outfitters have a huge selection which look lovely, as well as making for a great raining day read.

I love to keep certain products out, number 1; so I can remember to use them, and number 2;r they can actually look really nice, especially on a bedside table. Hand creams, body lotions, your favourite nail polish of the moment, a candle, lip balms, are all things I love to put by my bedside. There are loads of body lotions etc which come in pretty packaging and look really cute and can add to a blank space.
Sunday, September 25, 2016
Two Scents You Need This Autumn.

Two Scents You Need This Autumn.

Now that Autumn is officially with us - even though it's still kind of sunny here in the UK, who would have thought it - I wanted to share a couple of my favourite scents for this time of year. I love a good candle in the Autumn and I always go for a warm musky vanilla scent along with some which are slightly sweeter. I have one candle and one perfume I think you guys will absolutely love and are perfect for Fall...

I'm going to start things off with the perfume, and it's the much loved and raved about Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt. This is heavenly and so unique which is one of the reasons why I love Jo Malone as a brand, every scent is so different and original. After doing a little bit of research, as I am no perfume connoisseur, the three key notes are ambrette seeds, sea salt and sage. It's a very fresh musky scent, and the amber really makes it perfect for Autumn as it's very warming. It's very mature and sophisticated, it's great for layering, and this little 30ml bottle is perfect for travelling!

My candle of choice this Autumn has to be Diptyque's Vanille, it's a gorgeous sweet yet musky vanilla scent. The packaging of their candles are so nice, and when this is finished I'll definitely be using the pot to store some bits and bobs. These are not the cheapest of candles, but the quality is unreal, they leave the whole room smelling divine even when they're not lit. This one in particular is a very warming scent and is perfect for the home, the sandalwood notes make it a very autumnal scent along with other various woody accents. It's a bit spicy too, which I used to hate when I was younger, but this I adore and I've already been burning it loads!

Friday, September 23, 2016
An Overnight Skincare Saviour.

An Overnight Skincare Saviour.

I absolutely love to invest in my evening skincare routine, I find a good serum can so such a long way  and can really improve the texture and look of the skin. I have used some kind of serum or oil in my evening routine for a few years now, and I always sweated by the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate which I still love, but there's a knew one on the scene I can't wait to tell you about...

Sarah Chapman is a brand and lady I have heard endless good things about, this product in particular. This is her Skinesis Overnight Facial, which is essentially a good facial in a bottle, sounding pretty good right? It's quite a thick oil in comparison to something like the Kiehls, more of a serum I would say, but it's such a smooth texture and feels super soft on the skin. It contains a number of good ingredients such as, omega oils, Vitamin C&E, Jasmine and Rose, all to help create a brighter and more plumped complexion. The good thing about this, is you only need about 1/2 a pump to cover your whole face, so I know it's going to last me ages, which considering it's £46 is bloody brilliant. If you have mature skin you may also love this as the Vitamin A helps to leave the skin radiant as well as being packed full of anti-aging properties. 

With any serum to oil I will always use it after I've cleansed and toned, but before moisturiser, that way you're really locking in all the benefits. A top tip I have is also to pat this into the skin, not rub, this way you're really pressing the product into the skin to ensure you get the maximum amount of hydration. Patting it in also helps it to sink in a lot quicker before you go in with your moisturiser. 

I've been using this for a couple of months now and I love the way my skin feels when I wake up, it's so much more fresh and is packed with radiance and nourishment. If you suffer with uneven texture or any fine lines, this is something I would highly recommend incorporating into your routine. 
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
A Mini NYC Diary and Travel Guide.

A Mini NYC Diary and Travel Guide.

New York has quickly become one of my favourite cities ever, I've been three times so far in my life and there is still so much I want to see and explore, I find I never have enough days there! I'm no NYC pro, I still very much fall into the tourist category, but I do have my favourite little spots and areas I love, which is what I'm going to share with you today! This mini diary and guide is based on a 4-5 day trip, and my personal must sees!

Where to stay?
If this is your first time visiting the city, I would definitely say to find a hotel in Midtown, which is one of the main districts in the city. Here you will find the Empire State building, Times Square, The Rockefeller Centre and many more attractions. Midtown isn't the smallest area, so to narrow it down, I would recommend staying near and around Bryant Park. This is perfect location for sight seeing and shopping, and is walking distant to most things, it's also a lovely little breakfast spot!

If you've been a couple of times and you want to see some different areas of NYC, Chelsea and Greenwich Village are really lovely upcoming areas which are again, great for shopping, and there are some really cool bars and restaurants. You're close to the High Line and Chelsea Market, two of my favourite spots, as well as being a lot closer to Lower Manhattan if you wanted to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Battery Park which is a lovely place to view the Statue of Liberty! After exploring these two districts, it's definitely the area I would love to move to if I every did consider moving to the city.

Where to eat? 
There are a million and one places to eat in NYC, and I have not been to them all so I'm sure there are loads more places you could go to which serve up amazing food. For breakfast, I don't think there's anything better than grabbing a bagel and coffee from somewhere like Pax, and chilling in Bryant Park. When I went with my mum, we did this most mornings and it's such a great way to start the day and to people watch! If you want somewhere a little bit more fun and maybe a big style American breakfast, Ellen's Stardust Cafe is the place! It's on Broadway, near Times Square, and they are famous for their singing waiting staff, yes they sing and it's amazing...where can I apply??... They sell the classic pancakes, eggs, bacon etc, and it's not as expensive as some other diners you may come across. A bakery I found and absolutely love is a place called Levain Bakery which is in the Upper West Side. They do the most amazing cookies, they are seriously out of this world, baked to perfection! If you're not staying near, it's definitely worth the trek, pick a couple up, head to Central Park and watch the world go by!

For some more dinner/lunch places, Pizza Beach is a great pizza place, the vibes are super chill and the decor is really cool! It's located in the Upper East Side on 3rd and E81st, the pizza's are really good and they have an amazing wine selection! Shake Shack is a classic and a really good yummy lunch if you're on the go. Not the healthiest, but if you love a good burger you need to go here, they have loads dotted around the city! If you're staying more south, a little area called Nolita is great for  lunch places, including The Butchers Daughter, Egg Shop and Corner Deli which does the best Mexican Food ever! Chelsea Market is also a must for a quick lunch, I want to eat at every single food establishment when I'm there, everything looks amazing and they have such a mix of cuisines, there is something for everyone.

Where to shop? 
Of course you can't go to NYC and not do any shopping right?...5th Avenue is the place to be if you love a designer splurge, and the more north you get, the more expensive the shops, so I love to start around 15th St and work my way up! If you love a department store, Soho is home of Bloomingdales as well as Space NK, Topshop and Brandy Melville. These two areas I would say are great for all your generic shopping needs. Soho is also great for little designer stores such as Celine and Isabel Marant.

Monday, September 19, 2016
Love Me Beauty; September Box.

Love Me Beauty; September Box.

I love a good beauty subscription box, it's a great opportunity if you're on a budget to try out new brands and new products! I've discovered so many amazing things, that I always get super excited for the next month to roll around. This post is all about a box from Love Me Beauty, and boy is it a goodun'. This is only my second box from them, and I'm so impressed with the brands and products they feature, as well as the sizes the include. You can also buy each product from their website if you find something you love! You can either pay for just 1 month at a time, or you can pay for multiple. With each box you receive you can also earn credits to then spend on the website. It's £10 a month, so a super good price!

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm: There are a couple of bits from Omorovicza in here which I love and is a brand I've always wanted to try. The first is their thermal cleansing balm which is rich in Hungarian Moor Mud as well as various minerals to purify the skin and cleanse. This is quite an odd texture, and one you wouldn't think would be suitable for the eyes, but actually it works great at removing mascara and eye liner. It's a black balm which is super gentle on the skin and leaves it so soft.

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask: I've only used this once, and I took it off after about 30 seconds as it was really stinging my skin...I will try it again and report back as it's meant to be a great product!  It's a fairly gritty formula which helps to cleanse pores, pull out any impurities and brighten the skin. It's again got that mud in there to give the skin a really deep clean and leave it feeling firmer. I really hope I can make use of this!

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Cleanser: I had no idea AA did skincare, but I'm so excited about it! This cleanser is great if you have sensitive skin as it's so gentle and the formula is really nice a milky. I've used this a couple of times in the evenings and it leaves my skin so soft and radiant. The rose smell is also really lovely and subtle, I hate it when brands really scent their products with rose as on the whole I'm not a huge fan of the scent, but this one I can get on bored with.

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Skin Tonic: This is absolutely lovely and a great product to sooth and refresh the skin. I love to incorporate tonics in my skincare routine, they seem to get on really well with my skin leaving it fresh and hydrated. When this little bottle runs out I'll definitely think about purchasing the full size and I'm loving it so far!

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Magick: Now this I'm excited about! You can't get Kat Von D anywhere in the UK unless you order from Sephora, so the fact they've included three products to try form her is amazing! The first is a lipstick, and I love the shade, it's a very wearable rosy pink, which is perfect for everyday. It's so creamy and comfortable on the lips. It's not a matte finish, more sheeny, which I personally love for day-to-day. If you can get hold of these I would highly recommend this formula, and I'm excited to see what other shades there are!

Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw: I have heard so much about these and I'm super excited I can now try them for myself. Red is such a classic shade and this one is a very true red colour which I think would suit a variety of different skin tones. I've worn this a couple of times and I can confirm it is a lovely product, it doesn't budge, it's so comfortable to wear, and once it sets it's a stunning bold matte finish. I really want to pick up more shades!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper: If you read my recent Sephora haul, you'll know I picked this up. I do like it, it's a very black formula and stays put really well. If you are in the UK, I would't recommend ordering from Sephora as I don't personally think the overall cost for shipping etc would be worth it. I'm not saying it's a bad liner, as it's not at all, I just think there are others which are just as good that you can from Boots. The fact you can try it from Love Me Beauty is amazing, and I would definitely say do it now before the month is up.

These products can be found at - for 20% off use the code: millie20


Saturday, September 17, 2016
US Sephora Haul And First Impressions.

US Sephora Haul And First Impressions.

Heading to the NYC was super exciting this summer, the weather was good, the food was even better and our hotel was right opposite a Sephora…defiantly didn’t plan that…I went in a number of times, and I really wanted to pick up things I couldn't get hold of in the UK. It was also my birthday month and I got a 100 gift perk swiftly after setting up my Sephora beauty card, so I sneaked a few freebees in here too. PS: The isle of doom is real people! 

Saturday, September 03, 2016
Transitional Wardrobe Staples With ASOS.

Transitional Wardrobe Staples With ASOS.

I love going into Autumn, I can finally dust off my boots, get out the scarves and have fun with layering. As we're in September now, and the weather will no doubt start to cool down in the UK, I thought I would share with you a few pieces I love to style up when transitioning into cooler months. This season I feel denim is everywhere, in dress form, jacket form and of course your classic skinnies. I'm also loving the boho vibes, I think a floaty floral dress paired with some cute ankle boots and a jacket is a staple easy to wear look for this time of year. 
Let me know what you love to wear come Autumn time!