Saturday, July 30, 2016
Lipsticks You Don't Need A Mirror For.

Lipsticks You Don't Need A Mirror For.

When I'm out and about I don't want the fuss of getting out my mirror and lippy and trying to apply the perfect bold lip, I'd much rather have a lipstick I know will look good when I'm quickly applying it on the tube or on the way to meet friends. This is my little roundup of lipsticks that look good no matter what! To make this easy, I'm going to be talking about them in order of the swatches, from top to bottom!

Clinique Chubby Stick, Super Strawberry: These chubby sticks are the perfect everyday, on-the-go option. They are a sheer tinted balm which hydrates the lips and adds a nice amount of colour. You can build these to be more intense, but the beauty is you can apply it just like a balm and they look great. Super Strawberry is a pinky/berry shade, it's so lovely and great in the summer. I really want to get some more of these as they are by far the easiest things to throw on in the summer.

MAC, Patisserie: Aaah, a classic fav! This is such a gorgeous sheer pinky nude which is great if you have more going on on the eyes. This is a lustre, I love this finish, it's so nourishing on the lips and they apply super creamy and evenly. If I could only pick one nude lipstick to have in my collection it would be this one by far. The colour is very complimentary on my skin tone, and I find once you have the perfect nude your lipstick wardrobe is complete! This is my 'my lips but better' nude, and you can't go wrong with a shade like this.

MAC, Syrup: Syrup is another lustre finish, and lustre finishes as a whole are great for on the go as they're sheer but buildable, very hydrating and forgiving on the lips. This shade in particular is a lovely mauve which I personally adore for everyday. If I know I want a bit more of a statement lip, but don't want the hassle of a liquid lipstick or a lip liner, this is my go-to! If you love Plumful by MAC, this is super similar, but the sheer, subtle version.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecting Balm, 01 Rose: I love these, similarly to the Clinique, you can apply them like a balm and they will add a nice tint to the lips while upping your hydration game. This shade is very very light, so it applies like a normal balm with a bit more gloss. The smell alone will make you want these, but they're so hydrating and they feel amazing on the lips. It's the perfect fuss free lip option! I have a couple of the more bright shades which are also stunning and make a lovely glossy lip.

NARS Satin Lip Pencil, Torres Del Paine: NARS lip pencils are an amazing formula, especially the satin range. I love the pencil applicator, it makes it really easy to get a defined lip with minimal effort.  This is a coral, so I had to include it as it's summer after all, it's super creamy and looks so beautiful on the lips, especially if paired with bronzy skin. There are a couple of other nude shades in this range which are stunning and so easy to apply with or without a mirror, so I would definitely recommend checking them out!
Thursday, July 28, 2016
Go Nude.

Go Nude.

My makeup has been super minimal lately, and I've been loving the whole 'no makeup, makeup'. I've been super busy and have really been focusing on natural products to enhance and define my features. I'm a lover of a bold lip and winged liner, but on the daily, I'm all about the nudes.

For my skin I've been back into my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel which is a perfect summer base. It's a tinted gel, so it offers a lot of hydration whilst evening out the skin tone and feeling super lightweight on the skin, a must for me in the heat! I use this with a buffing brush and it leaves my skin looking naturally radiant and glowing. After I've finished with my concealer etc, I'll move onto my cheeks, and I'm loving using a more brown toned blush like the Laura Mercier Cream Blush in Blaze. You wouldn't be able to use this a bronzer, but it's lovely brown/pink shade which is super natural and gives a nice glow to the cheeks. Colours like this I find really flattering on every skin tone and they are so lovely all year round. They're also the perfect colour to pair with a red lip! Of course I can't leave the cheeks without doing a bit of highlighter, and sticking with the cream products I've been reaching for the Topshop Glow Cream Highlighter which is a gorgeous champagne gold shade. I pat this on the tops of my cheek bones, tip of my nose and cupids bow. I always pat this product in as I can find it sometimes moves my base around underneath if I use a brush or sweeping motions.

For my eyes I use a skin toned base, such as the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creamy Beige, my favourite nude cream shadow ever! It's super pigmented, doesn't crease and lasts all day, it's also super inexpensive so you really can't go wrong! Next I pick out my favourite neutral matte palette and blend a medium toned brown into the crease. To define the lash line I'll take a dark brown or black eyeshadow on an angled brush and run that along my upper lash line, keeping it as close to the roots as possible. The Charlotte Tilbury Sophisticate Eye Quad is perfect for this, all the shades are very buttery and blend well together. If I want a bit more liner I'll pop some Make Up Forever Aqua Liner in the shade 19 in my upper and lower waterline. This is a very subtle brown shade, but I love it for more natural days as it defines, but isn't super detectable on the eyes.

Last thing to cover is lips. I have loads of nude/sheer options I could talk about, but today I thought I'd give a quick mention to MAC's Velvet Teddy. This is a very warm toned, caramel-ly nude which is a lovely everyday shade. It's not as pink as some other nudes I own and love, but it's still a really beautiful shade and a must if you're into your nude lips. 

Monday, July 25, 2016
Summer Skincare Line-Up.

Summer Skincare Line-Up.

I've really changed up my skincare game for the summertime and I'm loving the new selection of products I picked up about a month ago. I was having one of those weeks where everything was running out at once, and I realised I was only left with a cleanser, eye cream and a load of naturally, I did a bit of shopping. There were a load of products I wanted to try out and I'm super happy with how my skin has been looking lately. I wanted simple, kind to skin products which I could easily use to give my skin some nourishment and hydration. I'm going to be covering both my morning and nighttime routines, so grab a cuppa as this may be a long one!


In the morning, I would skip toner and eye cream to keep things really simple and quick. Lately, however, I've had a bit more time so have thrown in some extra products. I'll do my skincare routine first thing when I wake up, to give it time to sink in before applying my makeup. I always find leaving your skincare 10-15 minutes before going in with makeup makes your foundation apply so much better and it sits more naturally on the skin as it won't be slipping around on top of your moisturiser. I'll start off by cleansing the skin using my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, in conjunction with my Clarisonic Mia. This is such a dream team and makes my skin super soft before going in with any other product. The Oskia gel is a really light gel-cream formula which hydrates the skin, leaving it radiant and nourished. I'll pop this on dry skin and massage it in before going in with my dampened Clarisonic - I use the delicate brush head for reference - for one minute around my face before washing off the excess with a warm muslin cloth or flannel. I've really been enjoying my morning cleanse, it's such an important step to ensure your skin is clean before makeup. After that I'll use a hydrating spritz of my Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist, and it really is just that. The spray is very fine, meaning it sinks in quickly. I always pat this in to get the best results and I love how my skin feels after, it's such a great pick-me-up product. Next I'll move onto a serum, and I always prefer using a cream serum rather than an oil, as I feel my skin doesn't need an oil in the morning. I've been using the This Works Energy Bank Skin Glow Serum which has a really lovely pearlescent formula, making the skin radiant and glowing. I only use one pump of this and pat it into my skin, it's really great stuff. A lot of my skincare is geared to making my skin more radiant as that's what I lack, and I've never found a serum which makes my skin as dewy as this one. Next I'll go in with an eye cream, and I'm still using my Clinique All About Eyes Cream as it's a really lightweight, fuss free, hydrating eye cream which is perfect for restoring tired eyes. It's more of a gel consistency, but I much prefer that for my puffy under eyes. Finally I'll use a moisturiser to add a final dose of hydration and provide the perfect base for makeup. The Pixi H2O Skin Drink is what I've been using and it's really good for dehydrated skin. I do prefer my moisturisers a bit more on the creamy side - this is more of a gel - so I probably won't be repurchasing, but it does the job!


My evening routine is where I really go to town on the lotions and potions. The products I tend to use are a lot more nourishing and targeted to my dry skin. I will start off with removing my makeup, and I'll either grab a micellar water, at the moment I'm using the Caudalie Micellar Water which is really light and kind to the skin, or an oil. My favourite oil is The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil, it removes makeup so well and my skin doesn't feel tight or dry after use. Once my makeup is removed I'll use my REN Gentle Cleansing Milk and my Clarisonic again, to give my skin a really good deep clean. I'll still use my Clarasonic for one minute as I don't want to strip the skin, but it does such a great job at getting all the dirt out and reaching the deeper layers of skin which you wouldn't get normally. Once that's done, I'll rinse with a warm muslin cloth, and don't be afraid to get it hotter than normal, it feel soo relaxing and nice on the skin! If I want a quick treatment, or if my skin is a bit duller than usual, I'll normally reach for my REN One Minute Facial. This contains water-activated Vitamin C which helps to firm the skin and make it appear more radiant. You simply massage it into your skin with a bit of water, keep going for just one minute and you're skin will be glowing. This is my go-to after a long, tiring day!  I'll then use the Liz Earle Skin Tonic on a cotton pad to sooth and refresh my skin. I also find this picks up any excess dirt, and you'll be surprised even after double cleansing, how much dirt may still be lurking on your skin. They also do this in a spritz version which is lovely to use in the mornings after cleansing. Next step is to use an oil, and I've been obsessed with the Sarah Chapman Skineses Overnight Facial Oil. This is such a luxurious feeling product, it smells like a spa, and when I wake up my skin looks so much more even and hydrated. I pat one pump of this over the skin and it's packed with vitamins A, C and E which restore skin cells and help plump. I always used the same old oil, but this is definitely rivalling my favourite and I'm so happy I branched out. I like quite a heavy layer of eye cream in the evenings to help the appearance of them when I wake up. I've been using the Keihls Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment which super hydrating and great for both morning and night. I'm only 19, so I'm not looking for anything groundbreaking when it comes to my eye area, but I do want a good dose of nourishment and this really gives me that. Last but not least, I moisturise. I'm still loving my Origins Night-A-Mins Moisturiser, it's such a nice formula, sinks in beautifully and my skin loves it. It's full of Vitamin C, so my skin feels firmer and looks brighter after using this. If I need a bit of colour, I'll add in some Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning to give me a nice bronze glow by the morning. I don't tend to use this on it's own, but mixed in with something else, I love it! 

Saturday, July 23, 2016
Top Tips For Being More Productive.

Top Tips For Being More Productive.

I can sometimes struggle with my motivation and productivity levels, especially in the summer when it's warm outside and the last thing you want to do is work. Writing this post now, after working all week, I'm definitely flagging and need to take my own advice and get to it because these posts don't upload themselves! I thought I would give you a little run through of the things I like to do to help me through a working day. 

Keep inspiration all around you//
If you're a blogger, I always find it helps so much for flick through a few of your favourite blogs in the morning to inspire you and get you in the blogging mood, Bloglovin' is the perfect website for this as the blogs you love are all in the same place! In addition to this, keeping magazines, books, recipe books, pictures and quotes around your work space can help motivate you and inspire you to push yourself and think up new and creative content. This can be applied to any kind of work, and I find it works great as they act as a visual reminder of what you may want to achieve. 

Stay healthy and hydrated//
If you load your body up with bad fats and sugars, you'll start to feel really lethargic halfway though the day, and all you'll want to do is lay down and nap. There's nothing wrong with a nap every now and then, but when you have shiz to do, staying awake is always helpful. Another bonus tip there for you! By always having a glass of water on your desk, and having healthy, yet, fulfilling meals, you'll feel a lot more energised and ready to face the day. I always aim for 6-8 glasses of water a day. 

Always keep in mind your end goal//
No matter how big or small the task, having a clear image of the end result in your mind can really help you push through. With me and blogging, I always write myself a list of products I want to mention and points I want to cover and I'm not satisfied until everything has been written about. Also the feedback and comments I get from my followers make me super exited to upload a new post. This can also be applied to fitness, if you feel in a slump and don't want to work out, think of where you want to be in a months time. 

Write a list//
I may sound sad, but I do love a good list. There's no better feeling than ticking off your tasks as you go so you can see how much progress your making. I also find them so super helpful if you feel you have loads to do, once you write it out, it may not be as much as you think, and you can get cracking with a clear headspace. If there's an excuse to write a list, I'll write one! I love writing them in a notepad, I just feel a lot more satisfied once I start ticking them off, but I also keep a couple in my phone for when I'm on-the-go. They are great for organising your day and making sure you don't miss any important tasks. 

A change of scenery//
If you're tired of working at your desk all the time, take it outside, to to your local coffee shop. The buzz and atmosphere of other people around you can be really inspiring and you'll be surprised how much you can get done and the ideas you have conjure up, just by chaining your location. If you work in an office environment and bringing your work outside is physically impossible, try taking a walk, or having lunch outside as oppose to the cafeteria down the hall. 

Tidy space, tidy mind//
A classic quote I try to apply to my daily life, it sometimes happens, it sometimes doesn't, we aren't all perfect. If you keep your workspace tidy, I guarantee you'll feel a lot happier about sitting down to work, and you'll feel more organised and put together. Even if in reality you've already had 50 cups of coffee and put your shirt on the wrong way round when you were getting changed this morning, a tidy desk should make you feel better about the whole situation and stand you in good stead for the productive work day ahead. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016
The Highlighting Kit Of Dreams.

The Highlighting Kit Of Dreams.

Highlighters are by far my favourite face product to use, they are so pretty and can really change your makeup game. There are loads I love and use, from cream to powders, I think there are loads of great ones that everyone can use and fall in love with. Anastasia are a brand known for their brow products, but every new release seems to be just as good, they're definitely becoming more and more loved as the days go on. Today I have their Glow Kit in Sun Dipped which is just beautiful!

These glow kits come in a few colour variations, Sun Dipped is definitely more golden bronze, which is gorgeous in the summertime. You get four shades in here, Bronzed, Summer, Tourmaline and Moonstone. The formula of these are amazing too, they're all really buttery and nicely pigmented, they aren't too in your face but you can definitely build them up to get an intense glow. To apply these I will either reach for a fan brush or a small blush/bronzer brush, I find these the best for applying them in a concentrated area.

Bronzed and Tourmaline are the two darker shades which are absolutely beautiful as eyeshadows as well as on the cheeks. If you have a darker skin tone both of these would work really well for you. I love to use a light dusting of these across the nose and the tops of the cheeks to cheat that sun kissed bronze look. If you have this kit but find you don't reach for these colours as much as they're too dark, try them on the eyes and you'll find yourself using them all the time! The two shades on the right are a lot lighter, and give you that beautiful candlelight glow on the cheeks which is so flattering. Summer is a bit lighter than Moonstone, but they are both champagne shades. Summer is a touch more golden, whereas Moonstone has a bit more peach/pink running through it. These are lovely on the tops of the cheekbones, down the nose and on the cupids bow, the standard highlighting spots. 
Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soliel Bronzer.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soliel Bronzer.

Bronzers are a staple in my summer makeup arsenal, so I'm always super excited to find another one I love. I don't like my bronzers to have too much shimmer, or be too dark/muddy on the skin, and I love a product that I use both to bronze, and define. This one from Too Faced ticks all the boxes. Too Faced is a brand which has now becoming readily available in the UK - yay - and you can find their products at Debenhams across the country, and online. 

Their Milk Chocolate Soliel Bronzer is a great all rounder and I find it works well on my skin tone (light/medium) without coming across orange. The formula is matte, perfect if you like to sculpt the face or bring your bronzer down your neck as it will still look natural. I find this to be on a similar colour wave as NARS Laguna, a warm brown, so if you prefer cooler toned bronzers, maybe give this one a miss. To apply I love to use an angled contour brush as it fits around the face perfectly and you can get a nice blended look without too much effort. Using an angled brush as oppose to a big fluffy brush allows you to have more control of where your placing the product, especially under the cheekbones and down the nose. Also, it smells like chocolate...need I say more?!

Sunday, July 17, 2016
Makeup Shakeup #5.

Makeup Shakeup #5.

My everyday makeup has really changed this summer, I've ditched the liquid liner, and medium coverage bases just aren't doing it for me, I've been all about that au natural look. I've always been a fan of dewy skin, and lately I've found that less is definitely more when it comes to achieving a fresh look. Maybe it's the warm weather? Who am I kidding? It's been raining non stop in the UK...

For my base, as I said, less is more, and I find anything more than a light coverage foundation/tinted moisturiser type product isn't sitting right on my skin and looks way to heavy. It's so strange how you skin can go through phases of making your makeup look good, to, absolutely hating it...The L'Oreal Cushion Foundation has been all kinds of magical for me and I'm obsessed!! It's such a lightweight formula which you can easily build if you want a more flawless, covered finish. I use a buffing brush to blend it in, and it never looks cakey or like I'm wearing foundation. It's great if your skin just needs a touch of evening out.

For my cheeks I've been loving adding a natural flush of pink to brighten the face. I've been reaching for the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface for this and the bright fuchsia is so pretty on the cheeks. You don't need a lot of this to give the skin a natural flush of pink. The formula of these are so great and they don't fade throughout the day which can be the case with some powder blushes. If you're in the UK you can purchase Tarte on QVC which is so so good, yay!

Since the new Benefit brow launch, I can't get enough of their Goof Proof Brow Pencil. The nib on this is really easy to work with and makes filling in your brows simple and quick. It's more of a triangular shape, as oppose to a thin nib, which I much prefer. The whole range is super exiting, but this is definitely my favourite out of their new products. They've also made changes to the shade range, by bringing out a few new ones, so theres a colour for everyone. 

On my eyes, I've been reaching for a brown pencil over my black liquid liner...I'm not sure what's happened to me...but I've been loving the more naturally defined look! I've currently been using the Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in the shade 19L which is chestnut brown shade. This is a waterproof pencil so it works great on the waterline and it's the most creamy pencil liner I have ever tired, it's gorgeous! I will just run this along my upper and lower waterline and it gives a lovely subtle feline look to the eyes. I have hazel eyes, so browns really help to compliment them.

I've just done a whole post on this lipstick, and I'm still loving it! I don't normally fall in love with nudes, but the Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect lipstick is one I'm definitely on board with. It's a matte, which again I don't normally reach for when it comes to nudes, but the pink-y beige shade is really complimentary and not too far off my natural lip, so it looks lovely. I would repurchase this on the packaging alone...well done Tilbs.

Friday, July 15, 2016
Under-Eye Heroes.

Under-Eye Heroes.

My under-eyes are by far on of my biggest skin issues, and it doesn't matter if I've slept for 3 days or 3 hours, they will be dark and puffy when I wake up. I have an arsenal of under eye bits and bobs, from eye creams to concealers and everything in between. Some days I have more time than others to give them some real TLC, but on the whole these are products I reach for to make myself look human again!

Sephora Under-Eye Masks: Under-eye masks are a great invention. Whether you've come off a 10 hour flight, or have a had a crazy weekend at a festival, they will really nourish and restore the under-eye area. The Sephora ones come in a range of different treatments, if you looking for moisture or one to firm, they have it, and they work brilliantly. If you do have a bit more time on your hands, or you have an event one evening, these are a great thing to have around. I always save them for long flights and special occasions, my favourites are the pomegranate for anti-fatigue and energising, and the pearl mask for perfecting and brightening.

Liz Earle Eye Bright Soothing Lotion: If you're eyes are at that stage where they fell irritated and puffy, this is a game changer. It's a herbal lotion packed full of alo vera and witch hazel to help calm the area and reduce puffiness. If you use this in the morning in conjunction with your favourite eye cream, your eyes will look so much more brighter, smooth and extra hydrated. I simply soak a bit on a couple of cotton pads and hold over the eyes for 30 seconds-1 minute, it feels so amazing, trust me! You can also do this in the evening if needs be.

Clinique All About Eyes Cream: In the mornings, I love to use eye creams that are more of a gel formula, they are a lot more cooling and hydrating on the eyes I feel and perfect for a quick pick-me-up! This one is great, lightweight and instantly nourishes my eyes, making them feel less puffy and tired. It takes a little longer to sink in than others I own, but I always do my skincare routine first thing, so I find when it comes to doing my makeup I'm good-to-go!

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector: Bobbi Brown nail it when it comes to correctors, and this is another one I'm super impressed with. I've always used their corrector which comes in a little pan, but in the summer months I prefer something a bit lighter, which is where this comes in. I apply this over foundation, but before my standard concealer, to help counteract dark circles. The formula is very light and hydrating and works beautifully under any concealer I blend on top. I have the shade Sand 5 which is a nice peachy toned colour, perfect for those blue/purple tones!

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer: If you have hard to cover dark circles, you need this. It's high-coverage, but sits so well under the eyes, and doesn't cake or feel dry. I don't know what it is about this, but it works so much better than most the other concealers I've tried. I know these weightless concealers are all the rage right now, but honestly, this is such a natural looking, creamy concealer which offers amazing coverage. I always buy my under-eye concealer in a shade or two lighter than my skin tone to really brighten and lift the area. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Two New From MAC.

Two New From MAC.

I haven't picked up something from MAC in what seems like years - it's probably been two weeks I'm aware - and I took it upon myself to have a little mooch around at duty free, which of course resulted in one or two little purchases.

I can't make a trip to MAC and not snoop around the lipstick section for half an hour. After an arm full of swatches I settled on the shade 'On Hold' which is a lovely mid-tone raspberry shade, perfect for a summers evening. There are always so many shades I haven't heard of and love from MAC, every time I go there's at least three I need, so leaving with just one deserves a pat on the back me thinks. It's a cream sheen formula which is my favourite from MAC as they're super pigmented, easy to build and they aren't drying at all. Raspberry shades are some of my favourites to wear in the evenings, and during the winter - it's currently summer I know, I know - so I had to pick this up.

Years ago I picked up the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, I loved it, but had other ones I used when it run out so never repurchased. When I saw it again, my love for it came back, and I added it to my basket. I'm so happy I picked this up, if you have dark under eyes, this stuff is amazing at covering. The only pet peeve I have with this is the pump isn't very user friendly, it's hard to get a small amount out, so 9 times out of 10 you will end up with more than you need. Nevertheless, a bit of blending does the trick and it looks flawless and natural on the skin. This is high-coverage, but it's not at all drying under the eyes and it doesn't crease, something I struggle with a lot. I have the shade NC 20 which is perfect for under the eyes as it's a bit lighter than my skin tone so it really helps to brighten and lift the area. This is one of the few concealers which actually hides my dark circles, it's amazing!

Monday, July 11, 2016
Corfu, Greece; A Mini Travel Diary.

Corfu, Greece; A Mini Travel Diary.

I always look forward to a summer holiday and this year was no different, especially after the days and days of rain we've had in the UK... The BF and I decided to go to Corfu, Greece for 11 days to soak up the sea and hot air, it was lush! My parents have a house on the upper east side of the island, so we stayed there and had a good explore of the area as well as Corfu Town itself. Far from the hip and happening town of Kavos, the east side is full of loads of little bays, cute tavernas (restaurants) and loads of cats, need I say more?! 

The flight takes about 3 hours from the UK, maybe a little less, and it's such a lovely Greek island to visit if you have the chance; also at 30 degrees each day it was the perfect summer getaway. Just a heads up if you are heading out that way, it's bloody hilly, so be prepared for a good leg workout on the daily, but that does mean a good set go pins when you come home, so, swings and roundabouts! 
I really wanted to share a few favourite spots with you and even though these photos don't do the island and the beautiful blue sea justice, I wanted to post them never the less! 

We ended up hiring a boat for the day which was such a nice way to see more of Corfu, I would definitely recommend doing the same if you ever visit. There are loads of places to hire boats scattered across the island, and for a 4-5 person boat the average price was €75, so its a bit of a treat, but it's worth doing, and they aren't as hard to drive as you may think! 

A lot of the bays you can only get to by boat so they're super secluded and private which is perfect for a quick dip and a lay on the beach. There are also loads on restaurants which are right on the beach and are so lovely to dock up and grab some traditional grub! If you don't fancy hiring one for the day, loads of the tavernas will pick you up by boat which is a great experience and feels very luxe arriving for dinner on a boat! 

We weren't staying that close to Corfu Town, but wanted to pop in for a day, especially as they had a Sephora, two in fact...oh my gosh heaven!! The main town is so beautiful and is situated right by sea so it's super photogenic and some of boats which go past are so dreamy, and probably way out my budget...
There are loads of little shops, side streets and cafes to poke your nose into and the feel of the place is so friendly and welcoming. There were some gorgeous houses, all pretty colours, so taking full advantage, I snapped away for you all! 

Friday, July 08, 2016
Making Your Makeup Sweat Proof.

Making Your Makeup Sweat Proof.

Use a primer//
Using a primer is one of the best ways to keep your makeup in place all day! In the warmer months I never go a day without applying a primer of some sorts, whether that be one that offers a lot of glow, or one designed to diminish pores, they are so great. The Benefit Porefessional is a fab one which mattifies the skin, as well as smoothing the skin, creating a lovely soft base for makeup. It stays matte all day and makes whatever you put on top last hours. Another one I love if you're after a more dewy look is the Dior Glow Maximiser Primer. Because this is primer, and not just a liquid illuminator, it's going to keep your makeup on for longer, but it doesn't make it look sweaty or oily.

Apply a long-lasting base//
I know that using a high coverage foundation isn't ideal in the summer, but long lasting doesn't always mean it has to be the highest coverage base you have, there are loads that I love and use in the summer. My all time favourite is the Tarte Amazonian Clay 24 Hour Foundation which is one I will always reach for if I want something that is going to stay put all day. It's a medium coverage, and leaves the skin looking natural and velvety. The texture is like a mousse, which I found interesting and reminded me of the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse days...aah, good times...but it isn't cakey at all! If you have dryer patches of skin, this doesn't settle, it's one of the only foundations that looks good when I'm having a dodgy skin day.  To set your foundation is place, a powder is key. There are loads I love and use but lately I've been loving a light dusting of the Bare Minerals Original Foundation which is a powder foundation. I don't use this to add extra coverage, I just use a duo fibre brush to add a light layer under my eyes and down my t-zone. Using a duo fibre brush will pick up less product so it doesn't cake. Another Tarte base product I love for the longevity is their Amazonian Clay Blushers, I have the shade Dollface which is a very pretty fuchsia pink. I can sometimes find blushers can fade a bit patchy, especially if you get a bit sweaty, but this one stays looking fresh all day. Powders are always a good bet if you want something to last all day as they're less likely to slip and slide around your face.

Set those brows//
I do this all year round as my brows can be pretty crazy and unruly. You do not want your brows melting off, it's not a good look, so just pop on your favourite brow gel and you'll be good to go! The one I always reach for is the Benefit Gimme Brows which is perfect for adding a bit of colour and shape, as well as setting them in place. If I don't have time to properly fill in my brows, a few strokes of this through the hairs adds a nice amount of definition for day-to-day.

Use a long-lasting eyeshadow base//
Even if I'm not planning on wearing eyeshadow, I do like to apply a flesh coloured cream shadow to keep my eye lids matte and prevent my mascara from smudging. You can also use a concealer and a setting powder for this, but I love the shade of the Maybelline Creamy Beige Colour Tattoo so I always reach for this. It's a shade or two darker than my natural lids so it adds a nice amount of definition and shadow which I love. As far as drugstore shadows go, this is definitely my favourite formula and they have some gorgeous shades. My eyelids can get oily which in tern means my mascara can tend to smudge, so this prevents that from happening.

Line your lips//
Using a lip liner is great for two things; defining the shape of your lips, and making your lipstick last longer. I think everyone out there has experienced the sweaty upper's not pleasant but we don't have to be ashamed! I find that my upper lip colour can fade away in the heat, but using a lip liner prevents that from happening and almost acts as a barrier to stop your lipstick from coming off.

Setting sprays are your best friend//
To finish everything off and really lock everything in place, use a setting spray, it will change your life. L'Oreal have a great one which is super comparable to the Urban Decay setting spray which is twice the price. The L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist really is a mist, it's very fine and doesn't feel wet or tacky on the skin which I think is really great. In the summer, I can't live without a setting spray, they're also fab for freshening up your makeup throughout the day and they feel lovely and cool when it's warm outside!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016
Makeup; Where To Splurge.

Makeup; Where To Splurge.

There are loads of high-end brands I adore and there are so many things on the market I would easily save up my pennies for, but there are a few makeup categories where I feel the higher price tag is actually worth it. Of course you can find alternatives at the drugstore, but if you want to invest in your makeup a bit more, I would highly suggest you add these bits to your list.

Primer and Foundations//
A good base is key for any makeup look, and when you have flawless skin, you tend to feel better and more confident which is why I would say invest! Brand wise, Chanel have some really nice foundations ranging from light-full coverage. My favourite is their Vitalumiere Aqua foundation which is a light-medium buildable foundation, I love it for everyday. The Giorgio Armani foundations are also really nice, and great for evenings as they tend to be a medium-full coverage and tailored for a more flawless finish. For primers, Too Faced Hangover Primer is great and the Dior Glow Maximiser are two I would recommend checking out. A primer is such a good thing to invest in as they really do make a difference as to how your foundation wears and lasts throughout the day.

Bronzers and Contours//
Finding good bronzer and contour shades from the drugstore is quite a task, it's not impossible, but I find there's such a bigger selection from higher-end brands. NARS Laguna is one of my favourites, it's such a nice bronzey shade which isn't orange and is perfect for bronzing the skin and neck. I also sometimes use this for contour which works well as it is a matte finish. The Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder is a good one to check out too, and they've just realised a couple of more shades for lighter and darker skins which is great.

Whenever I buy a highlighter from the drugstore I'm always disappointed. Most of the time they look too frosty and are very chalky to work with. If you spend a little bit more, you'll find the quality so much better and the colour pay off is amazing. My favourites are the MAC Soft and Gentle MSF which is a beautiful champagne shade which catches the light beautifully on the tops of the cheek bones. You can definitely build this powder up, which is great incase you want a really pow highlight going on! For a cream option I will always recommend the Benefit Watts Up, it's so creamy and easy to blend and look so stunning and dewy on the skin. Again, it's a golden champagne shade which I find suits my skin tone the best. Becca is another brand to check out for amazing highlighters.

There are products I love from the drugstore for my brows, but the ones I reach for the most and the which I think have the best colour selection are a bit pricer. Finding the right shade for your brows is so important, and as a brunette I can sometimes find some are too red toned, or way too dark. Benefit always bring it when it comes to brows, their Brow Zings and Gimme Brows are my two favourites, both have an amazing long lasting formula. Similarly to this, the Illamasqua Dip Brow is one I've been reaching for a lot if I want a super on fleek brow. I have the shade Strike in this which is gorgeous and a very natural brown shade. Other brands to check out if you want a super flawless looking brow are Anastasia for their Brow Wiz and also Bobbi Brown have some great picks too. I find when I buy a brow product from a high end brand the formula is so much more creamy and always makes filling in my brows a less daunting task.

I love love love love high-end eyeshadow palettes, they are so well formulated, buttery, easy to blend, pigmented and just overall great! Urban Decay are fab if you want to invest in a palette as they have loads which include a great selection of neutral shades. If you want something more customisable, MAC is great as you can build your own palettes and I'm never disappointed when I pick up a MAC shadow, they are so good. My favourite shades are All That Glitters, Sable and Sumptuous Olive. If you want something a little bit more luxe, Charlotte Tilbury have a lovely selection of quads which all achieve different looks. The colours in these palettes are gorgeous, I want them all! I have the Sophisticate palette which is really great if you love matte shadows.

Sunday, July 03, 2016
Simple Summer Hair Routine.

Simple Summer Hair Routine.

In the summer I like everything to be very minimal and fuss free, and that applies to my hair routine too. I recently got the chop - hooray - so now I'm determined to keep my hair looking healthy and nourished, but without using a million different products that may clog it up. I was never one to invest in my hair, but lately I've realised the importance of using certain products to make my hair easier to maintain and to generally improve the look and feel of it. I tend to wash my hair every 3 days, give or take a day depending on what I'm doing. It's crucial to try and leave your hair as long as possible between washes so your hair can produce it's own natural oils. If you do get oily roots, like me, just use a dry shampoo to keep it fresh! 

To start off with I'll go in with a shampoo and conditioner, and I've been obsessed with the new L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo which is designed for those who have dry ends and oily roots. Finally a range that sums up my hair and caters for a mix of hair types!! The first time I used this I managed to go about 5 days without washing my hair...revolutionary! I can't believe how well this worked and how soft my hair felt at the ends. The matching clay conditioner is a really nice lightweight cream which makes your hair soft, smooth, and easy to brush though. I don't apply my conditioner to my roots, just through the mids and ends of my hair. This new range also comes with a mask which you can apply from root to tip before you hop in the shower. This is great for restoring the hair and in the summer when I'm on holiday I always find myself using a mask like this when I'm back in England. This Clay Mask Pre-shampoo is meant to be applied before you go in the shower, then you wash it off with the shampoo and then follow with your conditioner and whatever else you use. I really like that you can apply this to the roots and it doesn't make them oily, there definitely needs to be more masks like this!

Post shower, sometimes I dry my hair and sometimes I don't, it depends what I'm doing. If I am blow drying it I will apply the Redken Satinwear Blow-dry Lotion which has a heat guard complex to help protect your hair from heat damage. This is a really nice lightweight lotion which doesn't weigh the hair down and makes your ends soft and smooth and quicker to blow dry. I will slightly towel dry my hair, apply this, and go in with a hair dryer. This is such a nice product to have if you blow-dry you hair often!

For leave-in treatments, I use a couple. The first is the Dove Leave in Conditioner which I love for detangling and nourishing the hair. If you have hard to comb hair, leave in conditioners are a great thing to invest in. This one has a bi-phase formula which you need to shake up, then spray onto your hair. This is really lovely in the summer as, again, it doesn't weigh your hair down or feel like you have product in. If I need a more intense treatment to treat breakage I will always reach for the Living Proof Restore Instant Repair which is a cream formula. This is a bit thicker then other creams I use in my hair, but it's so good at repairing split-ends and brining moisture back into your hair. Since I've had mine cut I try to use this every other time I wash my hair just to make sure it's as healthy as can be and to prevent any damage.

For a little finish touch I love to use the Aveda Shine Spray which is a nice product to help make your hair appear shinier. You don't need this, it's a bit of a princess product, but it does make your hair smell lovely and look a bit more put together and sleek. I can get frizzy hair in the summer, and this is also good at smoothing everything out once it's dry, so I guess it is necessary right?...

Friday, July 01, 2016
My Current Go-To Lippie.

My Current Go-To Lippie.

Nudes are simply the best for day to day, and when you find a good one, it's hard to reach for anything else. I've tried loads of nude lipsticks, some more pink, and some more brown, and there are only a couple I would consider my perfect nudes! Currently I've been obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect which is part of her K.I.S.S.I.N.G range.

Bitch Perfect is a really pretty matte, pinky nude. I don't tend to go for matte nudes, but because this shade is so similar to my own lip colour, I think it looks really lovely and more subtle than other matte shades I've tried. MAC Patisserie is another one I love, if you have that, this is a similar colour, but Patisserie is more sheer and natural. Formula wise, the CT lipsticks are all really great, and for a nude I find this super long lasting, especially if I put it over a lip liner. I also find that if I want to make my lips appear that little bit bigger and fuller, it's really easy to achieve as this shade so similar to my own lips.

Matte lips are really popular and a great option if you're looking for something long lasting. If you're like me, and associate matte formulas with brights, I would highly recommend checking this out as it is such a nude lippie game changer!