Wednesday, June 29, 2016
How I Packed For An 11 Day Trip Just Using Hand Luggage.

How I Packed For An 11 Day Trip Just Using Hand Luggage.

I'm off to Corfu, Greece tomorrow - as you're reading this, I'll probably already be there soaking up the sun - and unfortunately checking in luggage would have cost £60 more per person, which to me, just isn't worth it and if you're looking at travelling on the cheap, an extra cost like that isn't ideal. We're going for 11 days, so I gave myself the challenge to save some cash and use hand luggage only. I've figured out a few tips and tricks as I've been going along, and I have travelled with hand luggage before so I thought I would share them with you today incase you're in the same boat as me.

They see me rollin'//
I can't stress enough how much rolling your clothes can save you so much space! I remember going on holiday and my sister rolling her clothes and telling me I should too, that was about 9 years ago and it's stuck with me ever since. It prevents creases which is amazing and I can fit so so much more than I ever thought I could into a little suitcase. I'm not sure what the magic is here, but I find I can really shove everything I want in so everything this is tightly packed.

Double check your liquids//
I know this is an obvious one, and you guys aren't stupid, you know you have a 100ml limit when it comes to packing liquids. I was so surprised as to how many beauty products I was able to take without decanting them, but always always always double check so you don't get caught out going through security. Another important tip is to have your liquids at easy reach. I am taking a handbag, my Longchamp Le Pliage, as well as a small suitcase, so I'll pop them in there so I can grab them easily and I don't have to open my suitcase up a million and one times.

Use the compartments in your suitcase wisely, or create your own//
Some suitcases are brilliant when it comes to separating your things by having pockets and different zipped compartments, the one I'm using doesn't, it only comes with one zipped side and one open side. On the zipped side I popped in my shoes I'm taking, it's only a couple of pairs and sandals and my flip flops, so nothing too bulky. I've also used this space for any extra bags, I'll use my Longchamp as a beach bag as it's really durable, so I've only added a smaller cross body and a small clutch for the evenings. I put the clutch in the cross body to save some more space. I actually use a Whistles dust bag which I got with one of their clutches, and I find it perfect to house all my undies. Using little bags like this is a great way to separate your clothes and it also makes everything a lot easier to unpack when you get to your destination. I also use a pouch from Kikki K, which I'll try to link here if I can find it, which I use for my electronics, so my chargers, adaptors and camera. I hate having cables floating around the bottom of my suitcase and bags, so this is a great way to keep them all together and neat.

Plan your outfits//
If you can plan your outfits and make sure you won't be packing anything you won't need that will work massively in your favour. I also find packing more simple and staple items great as you can mix and match. There are loads of things on Pinterest about creating a holiday capsule wardrobe which I would highly recommend following to give you an idea of what to pack, and how you can save room clothes wise. I'm planning on doing a few outfit/lifestyle posts while I'm out there, so if you want to see some the outfits I've put together and what I did pack, make sure you're following me on Bloglovin'.

Sunday, June 26, 2016
Beauty Blogs You Need To Read Right Now.

Beauty Blogs You Need To Read Right Now.

Blogs are one of my favourites things to read, and paired with a cuppa, they're the perfect way to spend an evening. Being a blogger myself I love to get inspiration and motivation to improve my content, as well as reading up on loads of beauty products and brands I may not have heard of or tried. I follow loads of amazing, talented bloggers from a range of categories, not just beauty, so whittling them down to a few was a challenge, but I've managed. These are all bloggers which I love not only for their content but the general aesthetics of their design and photography. I know you'll have a loads of blogs you love too, so please leave them in the comments so I can check them out and hopefully discover some new favourites.

From Roses
Run by Rebecca, From Roses is my one stop shop for all things beauty. Her photos are lovely and bright, and she's always coming up with new and initiative content to share with her viewers. With daily posts, I can't get enough of her blog, it's beautifully designed and she also adds in a few lifestyle and fashion posts which are definitely worth a read.

Kate La Vie
Kate's photos are stunning and her blog as a whole is one to oo and aa over. She has very similar taste to me, product wise, which may be why I love her blog so much, but her skincare stash is definitely what dreams are made of. She also includes loads of amazing home decor bits and bobs which, again, are dreamy and I wish I lived in her house...

Pint Sized Beauty
Makeup wise, this gal knows her stuff! Lily's blog is so lovely and I'm constantly trying to get my photos to look like hers, I can dream...She always has a good stash of products to talk about and review, nothings repetitive and there's always things I end up adding to my wish list when I'm reading her posts!

Thirteen Thoughts
Paula from Thirteen Thoughts has an amazing blog and is great for getting tips and tricks if you're just starting up a blog of your own. Another girl who is a genius behind the camera, her photos always look beautiful and put together. Her posts are really informative and she has a great mix of beauty and lifestyle, something for everyone!

Tamira Jarrel
If you like beauty, but also love minimal style and find that some blogs can come across too girly, this is the blog for you! Tamira features some super beautiful luxe products which look and sound stunning! Her blog has a very black and grey theme which I think is really cool and edgy.

Sophies Makeup Blog
I love Sophie's blog, it's so aesthetically pleasing to read and look through, her photos, again, are on point and always look beautiful. She recently did a post all about LUSH, and it made me instantly want to go out and pick up some bath bits! I love the things she features and her posts are really relatable and fun to read!

Friday, June 24, 2016
A Summer Essential.

A Summer Essential.

SPF is so important all year round, but especially when the sun comes out. We always apply it to our bodies, but do we sometimes forget about our face? If not, are you applying an SPF high enough to actually protect the skin? It's been a battle trying to find a sun cream that doesn't clog pores, doesn't break me out, and takes less than 100 years to sink in, but last year I found the one.

When Kiehls released their Ultra Light Daily UV Defence Sunscreen I knew they could have been onto a winner. Their skincare overall has never disappointed me so I was expecting good things from this and it delivered. It has an SPF of 50 which is amazing and ideal for protecting the skin from sun damage. We all know that ageing inevitably happens not matter what, but we can slow down and help prevent the process. As the sun is one of the biggest contributors to ageing, combating that and protecting the skin is a top priority, and the higher the factor the better!

Onto the formula now, and it basically feels like a second moisturiser, it really is lightweight. It sinks in beautifully and doesn't leave your skin feeling tacky of clogged which is a skincare breakthrough if you ask me! I've never suffered from breakouts when using this and my skin can be fairly sensitive, so it gets the thumbs up from me. Also it's 60ml, so perfect for travelling and can fit in your hand luggage if needed. If you're a fan of Keihls skincare, or you're in the market for a new SPF this summer, try this out, I think you'll love it.
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Summer Nail Polish Line Up.

Summer Nail Polish Line Up.

Summer is the best time to experiment with some super fun nail polishes and designs. I'm not good at nail art...but awesome colours are something I can definitely get on bored with! I always gravitate towards the same coral colours, with a few pastels thrown in, so here are the polishes I will be wearing all summer long.

Barry M Quick Dry - Road Rage: This is a gorgeous minty green shade which drys super quick, so you don't have to wait around. If you like Essie's Mint Candy Apple this is a very similar shade, just a touch darker. I will say this isn't great if you're going on holiday for a week or two, as it doesn't last long without chipping, but it's a great colour if you're willing to touch up every now and then.

Formula X - Radical: I love love love this shade, it's definitely my favourite lilac polish I have in my stash, and I own a few...The formula of this polish is really great and I love the wand, it's more stumpy and thick which makes it really easy to coat the whole nail evenly. Unfortunately you can't get these in the UK, but if you're near a Sephora make sure to check these out, they have a tonne of beautiful shades!

Maybelline Super Stay Nail Polish - Red Hot Getaway: This is a gorgeous coral shade which is super affordable and a great option if you want something that will last 7 days without chipping. For the price I find I grab this more than some of my more pricier polishes as the formula is great and it's one of my favourite corals I own. It's more of a pinky coral which I find really flattering and feminine for this time of year.

Essie - Peach Side Babe: This shade is very different to anything else I own, it's a very pale peachy pink which looks fab with a tan. Essie do some stunning shades, especially when it comes to summer, so I had to pick this up as it's gorgeous! The formula of Essie polishes are really nice and they last well, they're a great all round brand when it comes to nails.

Essie - Splash of Grenadine: I'm in love with this shade, and again, I don't have anything like this in my collection already which means I gravitate to it all the time. It's a really pretty bright purple which I've already been wearing a tonne this year. This is one of my favourite Essie shades, if you love purple, this is a great one to pick up!
Sunday, June 19, 2016
L'Oreal Cushion Foundation.

L'Oreal Cushion Foundation.

L'Oreal foundations really excite me, they are so great and definitely one of the best from the drugstore. When the Nude Magique Cushion Foundation launched there was so much hype and I had to pick it up for myself to see whether or not it was worth it, and I love it! I was expecting a high coverage finish, as I haven't tried a cushion foundation before, but it's the complete opposite, it's perfect for spring and summer so I'm pleasantly surprised. 

The packaging is quite a bulky compact which comes with a little sponge, a mirror, as well as the little flap which stops the product from drying out. I do like the packaging though, it doesn't look or feel cheap and I love the purple tones! If you've never seen or heard of a cushion foundation, the idea is that the product is soaked in a cushion, then when you press down with either a brush or sponge the  product applies evenly on the applicator. As I said earlier, I expected a lot more product to come out on my brush, but actually it's very easy to build and is initially quite sheer. 

Formula wise, it's beautiful, I love how buildable it is and it's great for the warmer months as it has an SPF of 25! I use a flat top brush and I find it great for leaving a flawless and natural finish. It's a light-meduim coverage on first application, but can be built up to a medium coverage. One thing I've found with this is that no matter how many layers you put on, it will still look good and not cakey at all, it's amazing! I have the shade Golden Beige 07 which is a great match for me and I love the that it feels and looks like skin. I have dry skin and it sits beautifully without encasing any flaky patches, if you have oily skin I would definitely set it with a powder as it may look oily throughout the day. 

Overall I'm so happy I picked this up, at £14.99 it's not the cheapest from the drugstore but it's a great buy. I love the formula, I can't believe how lightweight it is, it feels like tinted moisturiser honestly, I'm so impressed! If you want a new base for the summer this is one I would highly recommend checking out. 

Friday, June 17, 2016
Cleansers That Do It All.

Cleansers That Do It All.

Cleansing is such an important skincare step and one I do every morning and night to ensure my skin is as clean as can be! Most of the time I will use a makeup remover to get off my makeup then go in after with a cleanser, however when I don't have a lot of makeup on I like something that will take it off easily but still cleanse the skin. I have a few cleansers which I love but aren't as good at removing makeup, or some that are more oily for removing makeup, but I always feel like I have to wash the residue off with a separate cleanser, these ones I'm sharing with you today are the perfect cleansers that do it all! 

The newest addition to my skincare stash is the Ren Gentle Cleansing Milk, and as the name suggests it's a very gentle formula which is a great option if you have sensitive skin. Cleansing milks are really nice for removing makeup as they don't dry out the skin and I find them nice on the eyes too, this one especially is really soothing on the skin. The scent of this one is very spa like, but it's super subtle so it's not overwhelming, another reason why I think this would work great for sensitive skin types. So far I'm really enjoying this, it's such a great fail safe cleanser which I think everybody would get on with. 

Second is one I mention all the time, so I won't ramble on too much! The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is a cleanser I'm sure you're all aware of and may have already tried and fallen in love with. It's an amazing cleanser for hydrating and plumping the skin as well as melting away traces of makeup. When you pump it out is comes out as a gel, but once you massage it into the skin is becomes a milky formula which feels so nice and soft on the skin. In the morning this is the cleanser I reach for the most as it leaves my skin feeling really clean and it's a great base for my morning skincare and makeup. 

Liz Earle is a brand I love and I feel you can never go wrong with products which include such natural ingredients. Again, like the Ren cleanser, the Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish is a very gentle formula yet still manages to remove makeup well and leave the skin soft and not stripped. They are both very similar in scent too, not overpowering, very subtle and fresh. Using this with a hot muslin cloth feels so nice at the end of a long day, and the cloth really helps to rejuvenate and get rid of dead skin cells so you wake up with beautiful looking skin. 

All these cleansers are amazing at removing traces of makeup, yet giving the skin a nice cleanse at the same time. Their gentle formulas make them perfect for all skin types and are great to use morning and night, hence why they're good all rounders! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Spring Empties 2016.

Spring Empties 2016.

I don't believe I've done an empties post before but I have been accumulating a few empty bottles and thought I'd share them with you. This is all stuff I used up throughout spring, or just before, so you can really get a feel for what I love to use on a daily basis. I personally love to know what people have used up as it really shows what people genuinely use, love and reach for. I have a few bits to get through so I'm going to split them up into categories to make it a bit easier to follow! 

I always seem to run out of everything at once when it comes to skincare so I have a fair few products here. The first is a toner and it's the LUSH Tea Tree Water which has been a favourite of mine for a long time. I won't ramble on about each product as I'm writing a blog post not a novel, but if I've used it up, it must be good. This is a great toner for problematic skin as the tea tree is really calming and soothing on the skin and is also great to combat blemishes. Another toner type product is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, a princess product, but it's a super refreshing mist which I love to use in the mornings to wake my skin up. The travel size I always use on planes, it's great! My morning serum throughout the beginning of the year was from Origins and it was their Original Skin Serum, a really lightweight cream formula which helps to plump and hydrate the skin. It's not an oil, so it does feel like you've popped on two moisturisers, but I'm okay with that! I would definitely repurchase this! A moisturiser which I fell in love with was the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Riche Moisturiser which is seriously amazing stuff. It's a very thick cream but it sinks in surprisingly well for such a rich formula. If you have dry skin you have to try this, it's also suitable for sensitive skin. This is by far one of the best moisturisers I've tried! 
I always have a NUXE Reve de Miel sitting around so it's no surprise it's found its way into an empties. As far as lip balms go, this one is pretty darn good and I love the scent. It has little exfoliating beads too, so it gives your lips an extra bit of nourishment and pampering. My last skincare pick is an exfoliator and it's the Origins Never A Dull Moment Face Polish, which I purely picked up for the smell I won't lie...I did like this, but I've kind of gone off manual exfoliators, unless it's for the body, so I won't be picking this up again. It isn't super abrasive so if you do like exfoliators, then this is one I would recommend. 

Body, Haircare.
The Body Shop Body Butters are amazing, and if you haven't tried them, you must right now!! I had the coconut scent and it was really lovely and nourishing. These are perfect to use to get your limbs ready for spring and summer as they really hydrate and help to get rid of any dry patches on the body.  They have a million and one different scents so I urge you to give these a go! Another moisturising product is the Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion which is a gradual tanner. Now, I personally never got on with gradual tanners unless I mix them with a separate moisturiser, which is what I did with this one. I find them streaky, even if I use a mitt, they can be a bit orange at times and they overall don't look the best on my skin for some reason. If I mix it, they do appear more natural and sublet on the skin, but I think I'll stick to my regular tanners...I've also used up a deodorant from Mitchum which is a great brand for sweaty girls, no shame! I liked this, but I prefer the roll on version as it's a bit more hardcore, but for days where I'm not doing a lot, this was lovely at keeping my underarms fresh! 

I only have one hair product which is the Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Thickening Finish Spray. This is such a nice finishing spray to add texture and volume to the hair. It doesn't clog the hair and it's one I would repurchase again! Of course I've used up about 100 dry shampoos but that goes without saying, the same goes for shampoos and conditioners! 

As I have tonnes of makeup I rarely finish a product up unless I use it everyday since I got it, which was the case for this. The Urban Decay Naked Concealer is a super creamy, light formula which sits well under the eyes and around the face. I love love love this stuff, and I do have a bit left but it's got to that dry stage where it's a struggle to get a good layer on the skin. If you're on the hunt for a new concealer and want one that's a good all rounder, this is fab, I can't recommend it enough! Like I said, it takes a lot for me to finish a makeup product as I'm using different things all the time, but this one really stood the test of time and was one I reached for on the daily!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some bits you may want to pick up next time you're out and about. Please let me know down below a few things you've used up lately as I would love the know the bits you guys reach for everyday! 

Sunday, June 12, 2016
New From Benefit: Goof Proof Brow Pencil.

New From Benefit: Goof Proof Brow Pencil.

Benefit really do have a good rep when it comes to brows, I've tried a lot from them and I've never been disappointed. This year they have launched nine new products for all you brow lovers out there, and I have one to show you today which is definitely going to be moving its way into my everyday stash. 

This type of brow pencil has become really popular since the Anastasia Brow Definer launched and I think it's the perfect nib to do your brows in a hurry. The Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil - great name - has an angled head which makes filling in your brows really easy and quick. I prefer these to the thinner nibs as I can be bit more careless and they still come out looking on fleek. I have the shade 2, and it's perfect for you brunets out there as it's cool toned and a lovely medium brown colour. 

I always apply brow products the same way whether I'm using a pencil, gel or powder. I'll run the product along the bottom and top of my brow to define the shape, fill in the tail, then fill the centre of the brows in and brush them through with a spoolie. I find if I apply product straight to the inner part of the brows it looks too heavy and dark, so blending the product through instead ensures it stays looking natural. 

The formula is also amazing, it's a super soft pencil which glides on effortlessly, but stays all day. Even just trying this on the back of your hand, you'll see how buttery it is so it's not going to pull at the eye area. I believe I only have a sample size of this, but you still get a pretty good amount, and if you buy it in full it will come with a spoolie on the end which are the best things in the world when it comes to taming brows! I picked this up in ELLE magazine this month so if you do want to give it a go I would highly recommend hitting up your nearest magazine stand. 

Friday, June 10, 2016
One for When you Can't Sleep.

One for When you Can't Sleep.

I go through phases of sleeping really well and then not being able to get to sleep until the early hours of the morning - not ideal - but to ensure I'm always getting a good amount of shut eye, there's one product I reach for.

I put off purchasing the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray for a while as I thought to myself how good can it really be, and if you're wondering the same thing, it's pretty darn good FYI! Struggling to get the sleep is something I used to really struggle with, but this combined with just generally being a bit busier during the day really helps. The scent is very lavender based, of course, and spa like which creates the perfect atmosphere for winding down and getting to sleep quickly. It's definitely worth the hype, although if you have some lavender oil laying around it will probably work just as well.

With this you're meant to spray it on your pillow and duvet and generally in the atmosphere around your bed before you hit the sack and it sends you off in a nice deep sleep. My only pet peeve with this is it can feel a bit wet on your pillow after you spray, but it does sink in so you won't have wet hair by the time you wake up! The spray is really good and it's a fine mist so it's not too intense and it really desperses in the air nicely. You get 75ml which is good, but I can feel myself getting through this quite quickly as I use it every night, but it works so what can I say.

This Works is a really lovely natural brand so you can guaruntee everything houses the best ingredients that are kind to the skin and body so you shouldn't have any irritation. If you suffer with not being able to fall asleep, or you want something to aid the quality of your sleep, this is something I would highly recommend adding to your bedside.
Wednesday, June 08, 2016
Two for Glowing Skin: Primed and Ready.

Two for Glowing Skin: Primed and Ready.

Spring and summer = glowing skin, and I'm loving loving loving it this year! Dewy skin is something I'll rock all year round but especially in the warmer months to give me a healthy glow. For me there's no better place to start than with a primer packed full of reflective particles to give me a lit from within look, and here are a couple I adore! If you want me to give you a run through of some of my favourite drugstore primers then please comment below as I would happily share those with you guys. 

Both these primers give off a different finish, one is more golden, the other more of a rosy champagne  glow. The former is Charlotte Tilbury's Wonder Glow, and this women can do no wrong in my eyes, she's fabulous along with her products. This primer has something called a florescent core which helps to make the skin appear healthier and more dewy, but in a natural way. The golden tones compliment every skin really nicely and gives a more bronze glow which is perfect for the summer time. I also find that if I don't want to go heavy with foundation or concealer this is a great base as it blurs out any pores and imperfections which is something I look for in a primer. This isn't specifically marketed as a primer per se so it's not going to keep your foundation on as long as other primers you may use, but it definitely doesn't hinder the longevity of whatever you chose to put on top. Another point to add is that this is super travel friendly as it's a plastic bottle and won't spill everywhere! If you love a more bronzy glow to your skin and you find that some glowing primers are more on the champagne side then this is one I would recommend you run and grab a sample of! 

If you have pale skin the Dior Glow Maximiser is a must to add to your collection! It's a beautiful shimmery light rosy shade with champagne shimmer, it's stunning. With this one, I love to mix it in with my foundation to give a dewy finish. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation is one I love to use with this as it's more of a velvet finish on it's own, I always get compliments on my skin when I where that duo! This is slightly more pigmented than the Wonder Glow, so if you want a more intense glow, and why not right, then this is really great for that. The CT one is more subtle but they both give a really lovely glow to the skin which is all the rage right now. This one does also do a great job at keeping your makeup on all day, and maintaing that gorgeous healthy glow throughout the day, without looking too shiny. If you have oily skin, a little powder never hurt through the centre of the face, but you'll still get a nice glow on the tops of the cheekbones which catches the light beautifully. 

These are both high-end primers and I know the price may be too steep for some of you, but if you want to dewy finish to your skin, primers are really great things to have around and these two are especially great. If you've tried either of these out yourselves please let me know your thoughts along with any other recommendations! 
Friday, June 03, 2016
Current Beauty Wishlist.

Current Beauty Wishlist.


Take a little look through the beauty bits I've been lusting over lately! I'm definitely feeling those summer vibes!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016
Budget Buys #6.

Budget Buys #6.

Budget beauty is something I love to write about as its super accessible and affordable! I have a very makeup heavy post today but it's just what I've been digging recently. I do love a good makeup splurge, but there's nothing more satisfying than spending the same price on a high end foundation, but walking out with 10 times more product.

I recently tried out the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder and I was mightily impressed with it. It's finely milled, so looks undetectable on the skin, it doesn't add any more coverage or cake up, and it's very comparable to the MAC Mineralised Skin Finishes which I'm a huge fan of. If you like a dewy finish, but you find that a little powder never hurt, this is great as it does a lovely job at setting your base without completely mattifying the skin. I have the lightest shade, 'Vanille', and I really love it for setting under my eyes and down the centre of the face.

Next I have a brow product which I love for filling in my brows when I'm in a rush. The Soap and Glory Brow Sculpting Crayon and Setting Gel is a great alternative to the Anastasia Brow Definer, the only difference is the shade range. I have the shade 'Brown and Out', and other than that there is only one other option which is more suitable for blonde hair. Not great, but I'm quite lucky that the brown is a good match, and it's not red in tone which I tend in find in some other drugstore brow products. I love the nib on this, is a great size for quickly defining the brows and I find it stays put all day. The setting gel is okay, it makes your brows a bit crusty after a while, but it does do a really good job at setting them in place. Soap and Glory overall are great if your in the market for a new brow product!

I have a couple of lip options I've been loving, the Rimmel Lip Liner in Indian Pink and the Sephora Matte Lip Cream in 01. The latter you can't get in the UK, but in the US it's very affordable so I thought I'd give it a mention anyway. 01 is a beautiful cherry red shade, not too dark, which is perfect for transitioning into the warmer months. These are super pigmented, very matte, and long-lasting, everything I want from a red liquid lipstick. I'm 100% going to pick up a few more of these as they are a lovely lip formulation. Rimmel's Indian Pink is more on the pink side, as the name would suggest, and this looks beautiful on it's own or under a lipstick/gloss. It's a stunning bright pink shade, very bold, and again very matte. It can look a bit drying so make sure your lips are well moisturised, or follow up with a moisturising lipstick, but it's a lovely long lasting liner to add to your collection this summer. I'm all about them bold lips!

I have to mention a nail polish, and a bright coral is super appropriate for this time of year. This is Essie's Sunset Sneaks and it's such a gorgeous coral, I'm in love!! I love these shades on the toes in the summer, and this one has already been constantly reapplied so I'll know I'll be loving it all summer long! The brush on Essie polishes is really nice, it's wide so it makes it very easy to coat the nails, and the formula is great too.